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Lionsgate Paws P.I. DVD Giveaway

I have partnered with Lionsgate for this feature

Welcome to the Lionsgate Home Entertainment PAWS P.I. Review and Giveaway

Hosted by: Parenting Healthy

Attention little ‘Detectives’! This movie is for you! Sometimes kids can be better detectives than smart adults. The kids (and Jackson, the dog) in PAWS P.I. discover that there is a missing will and a corrupt neighbor may be involved. Can they solve this crime with the help of Jackson? This pup is on the case! My son is on night 3 in a row of watching PAWS P.I. and you’ll be just as engaged the whole way through this film. Release Date May 29, 2018 on DVD, Digital and On Demand!

Anthony recently unboxed a fun package to celebrate the release of PAWS P.I. Check it out:

Here is the trailer for more!

PAWS P.I. DVD Giveaway

1 winner will be mailed the PAWS P.I. DVD. Enter below. Open to US and ages 16+ Good luck!

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vickie Couturier

that looks so cool,,my grandkids would love this

vickie Couturier

yes i have had several things stolen and they were not returned or found


I had my purse stolen from my vehicle when I was at the local walking trail. I filed a police report. It was found approx. 2 weeks later. The cash and my phone were taken but everything else was still there albeit wet from being in the weather for 2 weeks.

Kelly McGrew

When I was in college, some idiot stole our lawn equipment (weedwhacker, lawnmower, gas can) and it was never found.

June S.

This would be a cute and funny movie to share with my five year old grandson the next time I go up to visit him.

June S.

Unfortunately back in 2008 my daughter had her apartment broken into and the bad people stole 7,000.00 dollars worth of stuff. She said now that she will always carry renters insurance from now on. Oh, and years ago back in 1983 we lived in a house in Wausau, W.I that was haunted by something. I had a large canary yellow ashtray that went missing, a dress watch that my Mother brought back and gave to me from Germany. And my second oldest’s son was just a baby back then, his just one Stride Ride shoe that he needed to help… Read more »

wen budro

I lost my wallet once. I never got it back and it was a huge hassle.

LeAnn Harbert

Yes we’ve had things stolen and never got them back.


I have had several things go missing that I have not found, but I may have forgotten where I put some of these things.




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