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Li’l Goat’s goat milk soaps and products for baby’s delicate skin

Li’l Goat’s goat milk soaps and products for baby's delicate skin

If you are looking for gentle goat milk soaps for baby or sensitive skin, a soap made with gentle ingredients and natural oils from Canus is a great option. Find bar soap, body wash and gift sets with products that will hydrate their skin. The goat plush is an adorable bonus from the gift set.

If you know a new Mom for Mother’s Day or need a baby shower gift, these Li’l Goat goats milk soaps are fantastic. Canus offers products made with fresh goat milk and gentle oils that offers a great hydration to the skin. Li’l Goat’s was created to protect and hydrate young skin. Learn more and shop the Canus Li’l Goats shop.

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