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Les Trois Petits Cochions pates and charcuterie

I was sent samples for feature

With a house of boys, I find that the most popular gifts to give as they turn into men are food products. I started a tradition years ago that on the boys birthday as they became teenagers I would fill a box full of their favorite foods and snacks- jerky’s, meats, crackers, candy, cans of drinks, gum, etc… Food and especially meats are one of man’s best friends and when you find a company like Trois Petits Cochons who continues a long tradition of providing authentic and quality charcuterie and gift sets then you seek out the unique products when it comes to entertaining and gifting.
It has been 40 years since this brand started creating small and handmade batches of charcuterie and pates using high-quality ingredients. Today they offer mousse, pates, charcuterie, terrines, sausage, smoked meats and more. They are naturally cured and ready to ship or gift. Let’s introduce you to some products I was sent.
Wild Boar, Pork, Chicken Pate with Chestnuts & Raisins
With this pate you want to take it from its gelatin tray and really pat it dry. Then you slice it and there is enough flavor to serve sliced on a meat tray by itself or include it with a veggie paste on a cracker for a delicious treat. It slices very nice and you can see the ingredients so it looks great at a food table while entertaining. Pair this pate with a nice red wine.
Mousse Truffee
This mousse is made with pork and chicken liver mousse with truffles. You simply peel off the plastic from tray and enjoy. I would transfer this to a glass bowl with some crispy baguette slices nearby. I would also keep a bottle of crips, sparkling wine or cider available to pair with this.
Terrine Des Trois Rois
This terrine is pretty in it’s 3 layers kept right in it’s own container. The 3 layers consist of armagnac marinated prunes and chicken and duck foie gras (which is like a liver paste). Rich in flavor and spreadable on just about anything. If all you have is a bag or fresh tortilla chips-that will work with this. It is a versatile spread in my opinion. It is pork and gluten free.
These baby sour gherkins are great right out of the jar or set in a glass dish for serving tables. They are french spiced and pickled in vinegar. I can see these at the Christmas or easter ham dinner table.
Chicken Sausage with Spinach & Gruyere Cheese
My favorite of them all. Grilling these is so delicious! Add some sauteed onions to your bun and dijon mustard more than a meal, but rather an experience. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives and it is pork free.
Duck Leg Confit
Enjoy this all natural treat without the preservatives or artificial ingredients found in many packaged meats.
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