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LED Lights – LOFTEK Rechargeable Ball Lamp Cordless Night Light

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Whether you need soft light inside or outside, you will love the color choices and amount of light the LED Ball Lights from LOFTEK puts out. We had a weekend of nice weather and I decided to use my LED lights outside. It is so pretty lit up at night. I love the soft pink and blue colors. There are 16 colors total to choose from.

led blue led lights

Of course, you can use indoors also. There is a protective cap when you use it outside so that water stays out of the charging port but I plan to keep mine in our guest bedroom for fun when we have the older kids over and then I can easily carry outside when we entertain.


Not only is this a great party or decor light, it is also eco-friendly. These LED lights are completely free of UV, IR, lead, mercury, and other toxic elements. Choose from round, cube, stump, mushroom, pyramid and Christmas tree shapes. You can really put life into a space with a few different shapes lit up in different colors for your home. These are available on Amazon and are a Prime qualifier.

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