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Learning to tie shoes with EZLeaps

This is a promotional post for EZLeaps

Just this summer, I had entered a phase with my son that I actually dread! I am OK with the potty training and first steps as well as the losing teeth and first lie, but learning to tie shoes? I simply dread it! My son went through Kindergarten in velcro because I always meant to get around to teaching him, but I also was not rushed as he will learn eventually. Then he stayed the night at my sisters house and when I picked him up she gave me the greatest gift of all…a 6 year old that can tie his shoes! They had worked all night on it and he needed practice, but got it! Thank goodness for Aunties! I now have the EZLeaps and it was the perfect tool for the practice he needed to perfect the shoe tying milestone!

EZLeaps is a tool for teaching and mastering the shoe tying challenges. It is never the best idea to send a child to school with laces when they are unable to tie their own shoe. EZLeaps was created by a first grade teacher that can tell you the time spent having to tie those laces for your child! As I mentioned above, I sent my son in velcro shoes, but I knew we needed to master the laces because he simply can’t walk around a grown adult in velcro, right? Seriously, it is a skill that when learned gives them gratification and a bit of bragging rights. EZLeaps took my son no time at all to master and he wanted lace shoes so he can use the tool more often.

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EZLeaps comes in 12 designs with a section on the back of each card to write your child’s name and date they learned to tie their shoe. It is more than a shoe tying tool, but a keepsake you get to hold onto forever! It also has a hole punch in the corner so they can collect them and hang them from backpacks and overnight sacks. They can show their EZLeaps off everywhere they go!
EZLeaps makes great gifts for any family, daycare or preschool! Any atmosphere with young children can benefit from having EZLeaps handy!
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