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Learning about food with Chef Foody’s Field Trip children’s book

I was given a sample preview. 

New Release Children’s Book
Chef Foody’s Field Trip
by: Agostino Traini
With children being motivated to learn with pictures and phrases, Chef Foody’s Field Trip is a great book to take many different common foods and create a journey through this book about its origin as you meet bakers, farmers, shepherds and more along the way.
There are 8 sections to this book.
  1. Grains: Do you know what color wheat is when it first sprouts?
  2. Fruit: Do you know what “nut” grows in trees?
  3. Honey, Coffee & Chocolate: Do you know what the coffee bean grows inside of?
  4. Vegetables: Do you know what fruit starts out as a yellow flower?
  5. Sugar, Salt & Oil: Do you know what has to evaporate to make salt?
  6. Dairy: Do you know how often cows have to be milked?
  7. Fish: Can you name one method to catch fish? There are several.
  8. Meat: Do you know what bird does not fly?
This is a great introduction to food and healthy eating to make kids aware of the foods they consume and how they get from field to fridge.

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