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Learn how to manage emotions with Upside Delivered curated boxes for kids

Learn how to manage emotions with Upside Delivered curated boxes for kids

I am on my summer break and in a few weeks, we start another school year. Whether at school or in the home, social emotional health is such an important topic for the students and adults! Learning to manage emotions can be helped with simple tools like books and gifts. This brings me to this fantastic box called, The UPside Delivered. This is your toolkit, especially for a year like this.

The UPside delivered

The UPside Delivered are curated boxes for children ages 5-10 years-old were developed by two licensed mental health professionals and educators. They are meant to manage emotions and create calm. Your box has items and guides so you will understand the why and how to use the items in the box.

social emotional

There are 3 boxes to choose from:

The Begin Box (what I have): This box connects thoughts, behaviors and feelings. The box has Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) lessons for parents and five to seven items. Learn that if we change our thoughts, we can change how we feel. If you order multiple months, this will be your first box.

Standard Subscription Box: These are four boxes that you will receive quarterly: The Begin Box, The Find Your Feelings Box, The Move Your Mood Box, and a Create Your Calm Box. 

COVID Coping Box for Kids: This box includes strategies for both adults and children, along with several items for a child to use when coping with different and difficult emotions, including a gratitude journal and worry dolls.

Emotion box

We don’t get a textbook on social-emotional learning as parents so we need all the appropriate help we can get. These boxes are a great tool for us to use as parents to check in with your kids or give some at-home support to learn how to manage emotions.

Visit the UPside Delivered to choose a box that is right for you or send as a gift.

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