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Learn at Home with these 4 Earth Day Books for Kids

Wednesday April 22, 2020 is Earth Day and because the kids will be home learning, you may want these 4 Earth Day books on hand as we remind them all about Earth Day.

These books are presented by our friends at Sourcebooks: Kids.

The Girl Who Spoke to the Moon – by Land Wilson

When Sofia dreams of visiting the Moon one night, she discovers peopleWhen Sofia dreams of visiting the Moon one night, she discovers people are hurting the Earth! With the Moon as her guide, Sofia learns how we can work together to make Earth feel better.When Sofia dreams of visiting the Moon one night, she discovers people. This is a rhyming book! IT includes tips and lessons at the end. Ages 4-8 and available at Amazon

What Does it Mean to be Green? by Rana DiOrio

Drawing on two sides of your paper instead of just one. Walking to the park instead of getting a ride. Turning off the water while you brush your teeth. A young boy and girl explore all the different ways to be green. This book is A Mom’s Choice Gold Award Winner! No wonder! The illustrations are very engaging and you get facts and tips in this book. Ages 4-8 and available on Amazon.

A Dolphins Wish: How YOU Can Help Make a Difference and Save Our Oceans by Trevor McMcCurdie

Every year, huge amounts of plastic end up in our oceans. Luckily, there’s something we can do to change that! Follow along as Daddy Dolphin and his son show readers what we’re doing wrong, then be inspired to take action and make a difference! Ages 4-8 and available on Amazon.

Trees Make Perfect Pets by Paul Czajak

Abigail is determined to get the perfect pet. So she chooses Fido. He keeps her cool from the sun, stays where she tells him, and even gives her air to breathe. That’s because Fido is a tree! But not everyone thinks having a tree as a pet is a good idea, though, especially when Fido starts to grow. Will Abigail be able to keep her perfect pet? A seriously adorable story! Ages 4-8 and available on Amazon

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