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LeapStart 3D Learning System: Interactive Learning System for Active Minds

Summer slide! You have heard this phrase when it comes to the gap between school seasons. The time for fun and vacation and not as much learning. The break is well-earned, but learning should never stop. Even learning at 20 minutes a day is proven to keep their brains school ready in the fall. But, even the young children who are used to the school schedule; who maybe get learning time when alone with you or in their daycare will forget certain learning when summer disrupts the family routine.

Leapfrog has the kids ages 2-7 covered with the new LeapStart 3D Learning Tablet. There are on-screen animations to make reading more engaging. I would pair these interactive learning system tablets with home learning kits to cover the subjects of math and reading.

The LeapStart 3D brings books to life with audio and then enhances the learning with corresponding 3D-like animations.

The LeapStart™ library has activities that include touch-and-talk games, creative challenges, problem-solving puzzles, math mazes and more with 30+ activities in every book (sold separately). LeapStart 3D comes with 1 sample book to start learning right out of the box.

Progress from preschool to first grade with 25+ learning books including two Learn to Read book sets that all work on LeapStart®.

Visit to learn more.

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