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Lasik surgery: The best decision I ever made

This is not a sponsored or promotional post. 

The past week has been almost life-changing for my husband and I as we decided to take advantage of a promotion a local Lasik center was having and get Lasik done. My husband has astigmatism and I am nearsighted, meaning I can’t see hardly anything far away-road signs, lights have halos, etc. My husband has had glasses and I have worn contacts for years and we often talk about getting Lasik done. We justified the cost of surgery on the promotion, being able to use some ADP funds we add through our medical and the cost we both were spending yearly on contacts and special glass prescriptions and 6 month exams for both of us. Let me share our experience with you and if you have been considering getting Lasik, I can tell you that it is the best money you will ever spend!
One very hot day we decided to wander the Bite of Seattle and visited several vendors. One booth we came across was for Sharpe Vision in Bellevue, Wa (they also have an Austin, Tx location). They were having a raffle for a free Lasix surgery and the staff at the booth were so friendly and professional. I was very interested in trying to win that! Like I said, my husband and I had been talking Lasik for a while. A few weeks later we had an email that we did not win but that they have a promotion of $500 off each eye which was a $1,000 savings on both eyes and we could do a consultation that includes a full and thorough exam for free. We both made appointments.
My husband went first. He made an appointment, had the exam and the results were that he qualified for Lasik (you have to qualify based on eye health and other factors) and he only needs one eye done. Long story short, he qualified for a Lasik for Monovision where they only correct his dominant eye. They told him if he were to do both eyes, he would actually need reading glasses and with only one eye corrected he would learn to see with no glasses. Maybe it’s just me and my experience with companies who may take advantage more times than none, but the fact they they take less money on only one eye and will recommend that for his benefit over selling him both eyes and just needing reading glasses struck me in a positive way. He is adjusting to being monovision and they say it can take months to get used to, but he does not need glasses at all. He will eventually focus without having to think about it. He is not even a week after lasik and he just has to stop and remember which eye is focusing and apparently it comes naturally with time. He has given his glasses to charity-not needed anymore!
My consultation was next followed by lasik a few days later. I was a standard lasik qualifier as a patient with nearsightedness where lasik on both eyes is ideal. I had my lasik a few days ago and it is amazing. Both my husband and I are now 20/15. I’d like to say everything was clear right away as I left the clinic after my Lasik, but to get real I had just had 2 laser beams on my eye, had antibiotic, tears and steroid drops inserted into my eye as well as numbing drops. Even if I really tried hard to see clearly, it was impossible anyhow. My eyes began adjusting though on the hour long drive home. I could read license plates and see road sign letters. An hour prior I could hardly see the make of a car in front of me and after Lasik which took about 6 minutes per eye, my sight is clear! Amazing!
About the procedure-from start to finish

Once you do your consultation which was free at Sharpe Vision and you know you are qualified for either procedure, you can schedule your Lasik. You will need a next day follow up and a 1 month follow up and that’s it. If you wear contacts, you need to be off them 3 days prior. You need a driver for the procedure, but you are fine to drive to your next day follow up. We were given 2 prescriptions at our consultation to fill, but not use yet. We were to bring the new prescriptions-an antibiotic eye drop and a steroid eye drop to the Lasik appointment where they double checked the instructions and went over how to use them. Along with the antibiotic and steroid drops, we were told to pick up artificial tears which is truly your best comfort for days following the procedure. We were sent home after Lasik with a bottle of comfort drops we can use every 15 minutes for comfort and told to go home and close our eyes for 3-4 hours. After you wake up there is very little discomfort. The comfort drops are yours just to not have to deal with that itchy/scratchy feeling for a few hours. The next day you don’t need them anymore.
Never was the discomfort painful. There was no pain in the Lasik procedure either. They gave me the option of taking a Valium which I agreed to a very low dose and I’m sure it helped my bit of anxiety, then gave me two drops to numb my eyes and minutes later walked me into the laser room. I laid on a table and was placed under laser machine #1 that created a flap, then the table pivoted to laser machine #2 that reshaped my cornea and then Dr. Sharpe took a few seconds to wet and fix the flap ( I apologize for being very vague with my description-I am not a Lasik Specialist-lol). It was about 12 minutes total if not less for both eyes together. The only thing I can feel is that under laser #1, he said I will feel some pressure. If you close your eyes and rub hard-as if pressing too hard-that is what you feel. No pain, just very light pressure and he even alerted to the start of it and did a countdown of about 20 seconds or so until the pressure would stop. Then I was told that was the worst part. “What was the worst part?” I am very sensitive when it comes to my eyes and it was nothing. They put my first dose of steroid and antibiotic drops in my eyes and sat me up and walked me out to say goodbye. That was it! The most comforting part of it all was that Dr. Sharpe talked the entire time-I mean the entire time! I knew what he was doing, what he was pressing, was given countdowns, what lights or darkness I may see next and before I knew it I was done. 
I made my appointment for 5pm because I knew it would be hard to go home and sleep during the day with a child at home. My husband got off a tad early to take me. We did the laser and was out by 6pm. I was fine as long as I used my comfort drops every 15 minutes so I did not feel the scratchiness. I was even fine to stop for some Terriyaki for dinner and go home in time to just go to bed for the night. I woke up about 12am feeling scratchy in one eye so I used the comfort drops some more and went back to sleep, but never had to use them again after that. I am still using my antibiotic and steroid drops 4 times a day in the first week as prescribed and I highly recommend you carry around artificial tears because you will often get a feeling of dryness and the tears help so much! I just make sure I have some in my purse if I leave home. I do have dry eye issues so I may be more sensitive with that than most. My husband has hardly used his artificial tears. However, even if you don’t think you need the artificial tears I was told to use them as often as possible-the more the better for optimal eye healing.
Sharpe Vision office

As a Blogger who markets for brands and with a husband who works in retail at the corporate level, we take customer service very important. When it comes to a medical or in this case, an eye, procedure I look at the decor and equipment in an office lobby and room. Before you walk into certain establishments and say to yourself “This is too fancy so this will be too expensive”, stop and follow through with your research. Their prices were in line with other Lasik centers in the area and their office and customer service was top notch. The decor and care the staff took of the lobby and rooms tells me they stay updated and care for their equipment. A dusty room with broken or taped parts would tell me to run! That’s just how I judge when it comes to a laser on my eye! I was on a first name basis and remained that way after my very first appointment-even being greeted as soon as I walked in. I still go to my family doctor and even they will say “Can I help you?” which irritates me because they should know me by name now. At Dr. Sharpe’s office you are known after day 1. The staff is so amazing and really take care of their patients and office. Dr. Sharpe even called me and my husband the night of our procedures to check in and leave his personal cell if we have any questions. Oh, and he is an official sponsor of the Seattle Sounders and I am a huge fan so that alone is kudos from me! He even gave my son a pair of sunglasses with the Seattle Sounders logo on them. My son loves them! We live an hour away and we would have driven a lot farther to use Dr. Sharpe for this experience. I could have left some site review, but I felt I needed to share our entire story due to such a positive experience. We wish we did this years ago!
If you have been considering Lasik and even if you cannot get to Dr. Sharpe’s locations who I recommend, his site has a lot of useful information and you research if this is best for you. While there, take a look at the Patient Stories tab and you will recognize some familiar faces who were also happy about the services from Dr. Sharpe! So, pay him a visit at
Some photos are property of Sharpe Vision from their public pages. Other photos belong to Parenting Healthy.

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Paul Silverman

Laser Surgery is the best option, I agree with you. It has many advantages such as:

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  2. It offers 100% accurate results as it is completed by the latest Laser Machines.
  3. Experienced Lasik Surgeons increase its reliability.

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Harley Alford

Congratulations on your Lasik journey! It’s wonderful to hear how transformative the experience has been for both you and your husband. Your detailed description of the procedure and recovery process is truly enlightening for anyone considering Lasik. Wishing you continued clear vision and all the best as you enjoy this new chapter with improved eyesight!

Lasik Los Angeles

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