Las Vegas Food and Sights

We love visiting Las Vegas. My husband and I get there about 2-3 times a year and we went by ourselves this past weekend. Of all the times I have been there I never seem to remember to take many photos because we go so often.

Las Vegas Food and Sights

There is nothing better then a room with a view! Just beyond the buildings in the mid right of photo is the Airport. The evening prior there were many flashing blue and red lights as President Trump and VP Pence landed for a visit to a meeting at the Venetian. That was pretty fun to see the security trail from 25 floors up at 11pm at night.

Wandering the Casinos is fun although we never do well on slots when we do spring visits. Fall always seems to be best for us with a gambling. Then again we do penny slots and not big betters.

Center gaming bar at the new Park MGM

This particular weekend the ACM Awards were held at MGM Grand Garden Arena. We did not have tickets, but popped over to see the set up prior to the show.

What a great spot for brew lovers. The pretzel sticks and beer cheese was fantastic at Beerhaus!! This location is on the side on New York New York in front of the T-Mobile Arena (stadium).

Here is our quick Diablo’s Cantina story….

Diablo’s Cantina used to be an independent restaurant in front of the Monte Carlo on the strip. The Monte Carlo closed and remodeled and re-named to The Park MGM this year. Years ago Diablos closed down and I lost my Nacho spot forever. It was so sad. Friends and family heard us rave about our must-stop every time we visited. We even had friends turned onto this restaurant for their large Nachos served on cookie sheets.

This trip I see a billboard that Diablo’s Cantina has reopened in the Luxor. We walked (ran actually) to go kiss the doors and get those nachos back. But….the Nachos changed. It is so sad-they come in a small bowl as an appetizer and they changed the cheese sauce. It was a sad lunch. It was good and service was great, but why of all things did they change the Nachos?! MGM made a bad decision there! I posted for friends and family the ‘new Diablo’s nachos’ and we are all so disappointed.

Before we started night 1 we did stop at our hotel’s Mexican restaurant Gonzales Gonzales inside New York New York. It’s a bit pricey, but food was good. A little margarita and soccer to start the night!

My husband’s must stop is In-N-Out by The Linq. I am OK with their burgers, but he loves them!

Because Diablo’s changed their Nachos, Nacho Daddy took top spot for best Las Vegas food! We discovered them last fall when in Las Vegas and this time we had to go back. Last fall we visited the location by Planet Hollywood off the strip and this time we visited the Downtown location. The same great service, fun ambiance and Nachos to die for. I have tried the Thai Nachos and now the BBQ Pork-both are delicious!

New to us as it just opened a few months ago (in that old Diablo’s Cantina area I discussed earlier) is the Eataly at the new Park MGM Hotel and Casino. So much food and items to die for! I’ll leave you with these photos inside Eataly……

Until June, Las Vegas!

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