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Kyocera Patriot 3-Piece Knife Set

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As we have started packing our middle son for college and dorm move-in there are many items he needs but we also have to think of limited space and quality so we are re-buying items again later on. When it comes to kitchen, he needs to eat but only has a small fridge in his room. He has to go down the hall for a sink and microwave and another floor for a stove and oven. So, we think of items he needs whether he is heating water in his room or making a sandwich to using the stove for an actual meal. Knives are needed no matter what and there is no room for a bulky knife block. This Kyocera Patriot 3 pack of knives will work great. Just these 3 knives will fulfill his needs and they can be stored back in the plastic container they come in.


Kyocera was founded in 1959 in Japan. It opened a US-based company in 1969 and in North America Kyocera holds those same dedicated standards of high quality and advanced materials to make an effective product. The quality shows in this knife set. You get the Patriotic color theme which is a lot of fun- a red Santoku knife, blue Utility Knife and white Paring knife. With this Patriot set you save almost $20 than if you were to buy these 3 knife types separately. The set only runs $79.95 for all 3. If you know quality knives, this is a great deal and they will last.


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