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Knee High Socks for Women, Men and Children

Sponsored post for Chrissy’s Knee High Socks. All opinions are my won

My son wears the same 3 clothing options no matter the day or weather, T-shirt, sports shorts and knee high socks. He refuses to wear pants so the compromise is socks that cover his legs under his shorts on cold days.

Because this is his style this past year we have a lot of fun finding socks that are cool, yet fun. He has socks I have personalized with sports quotes and ones that are just wild and he feels like dressing a little crazy. Me? I just love a fresh pair of brand new socks. If I could start everyday with a brand new pair of socks that would be fantastic!

I found a brand, Chrissy’s Knee High Socks that has so many socks to choose from. They have knee high socks for women, men and children in plenty of colors and designs and for all seasons and occasions too.

Some of my son’s favorites are the Autism Awareness Socks. He has an autistic student in his class that all of the kids adore and look after. April is Autism Awareness Month and he has a lot of blue he wants to wear in support and these socks would be the best awareness a child can show.

He also loves the Seattle Seahawks so there are plenty of blue and green socks available in kids sizes too.

I love the White/Pink Thigh Highs because they are a great color for spring and this is my favorite season.

I also love the USA socks and these would be a lot of fun for the 4th of July. Whatever your style or celebration you will find knee high socks for everyone in the family.

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