K’lani Hair Tie Bracelets will be your traveling must-have in 2024

If you are like me, you carry hair ties in the car, purse, travel bags, backpack and even around my wrist. They never quite fit right around my wrist, but it would be handy if they did! When I discovered these hair tie bracelets from K’lani I knew I needed to try them. The colors are so pretty and they look great around the wrist and hold my hair back when I need.

I typically wear my hair down, but when hiking or traveling, pulling it back is sometimes best. I either have dozens of hair ties all over the place or none the moment I need one. These fit great around my wrist and come in sizes from smaller girls to medium and large sizes. They make great stocking stuffers or to stock up this winter as we near travel season.

Choose from the thin hair tie design or thicker wrist band designs. Born in 2021 from the need to have hair ties handy and to fit the wrist better, K’Lani Hair-tie Bracelets are sold in hundreds of retail stores nationwide. Shop now and stock up!

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