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Kinsa Smart Thermometers for Flu and Cold Season

Kinsa Smart Thermometers for Flu and Cold Season

Taking care of a sick child of family member is stressful enough. If their illness involves high fevers or low body temps, keeping logs and pairing it with symptoms can be a tremendous task. Kinsa has put everything together you need to not only track your own health and trends, but can help offer you tips, local outbreaks and more. Every home needs Kinsa Smart Thermometers for flu and cold season.

Whether you choose the QuickScan (Non-contact) or the QuickCare thermometer, the first step is to download the free Kinsa app and connect your thermometer. Once you do that, it is even easier to use. You get an accurate temp in seconds and from there you can take care of whatever tasks you need with that reading. Log it, add symptoms, see trends, get tips on self-care or alerts to be seen by a Doctor, etc.

This makes a great gift for new parents, elderly relatives and even for you child you send off to College for that parent peace of mind! You can add multiple users so everyones records stay separated from each other.

Make sure you stock up on all supplies in this cold and flu season and include Kinsa in your medicine stash. Available on, BuyBuyBaby, CVS, Rite Aid and Amazon.

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