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Kids in the Kitchen: Candy Chemistry

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Kids in the Kitchen: Candy Chemistry

One of the greatest skills you can teach your child that won’t be taught well in a classroom is cooking and baking. The benefits of learning to cook and having Kids in the Kitchen are plentiful. Cooking and baking with your child gives them quality time of yours and memories they will carry on. If you have ever cooked with a parent of grandparent, don’t you bring those moments and recipes back later in life? We all have ‘Grandma’s’ recipe we love and remember so we re-create it.

Teaching kids to cook and bake also gives them skills that are universal from time keeping, measuring, temperature control and problem solving. They learn to prepare, stay organized and the science of measurements, boiling, freezing and liquids/solid states. When the food is done they get satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment which builds confidence. Candy Chemistry from the Discovery Store is a kit to get you started with your child.

The Candy Chemistry kit is recommended for ages 10 and up but with my almost 8 year old beside me the entire time, we had fun making chocolates. He is not old enough to use the stove so I bought melting chocolate for the microwave, but I still had him temp it so he could learn the melting point temperature for chocolate.


With Candy Chemistry you can make chocolates, caramels, gummies, hard candies and it has most of the tools you need and a 48 page full color manual.

If you like this STEM Science product, you’ll love the other science products at The Discovery Store.

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