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Kids Christmas Ideas from Leapfrog

This is a promotional post for Leapfrog. I am a Leapfrog Ambassador and am sent products.

I know, I sad the C word! But, so many of us need to start saving now and if you know exactly what you are saving for you can budget, search for the best deals and stay motivated to stash that cash! This time of year flies by so fast and before we know it the Holidays are here. Electronics have always been at the top of kids wish lists for years and Leapfrog is that perfect balance between fun devices and the learning games and parental control we want for our kids. We have a responsibility as parents the moment we decide to hand our kids an electronic device. If that device has access to the web, that introduces an entirely new safety issue we have to control. If your kids want a tablet and you want the control while they learn by playing fun games with characters they recognize, then Leapfrog has the perfect gifts for boys and girls. Let me share 3 of them below.

LeapPad Platinum

The LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Kids Learning Tablet, Purple is the newest tablet from LeapFrog. This is introducing a new generation of learning that includes kid-safe web browsing with it’s parental-controlled Wi-Fi access. Your kids get the tablet they want and you have full control. Switching between parent and child modeonly requires a 4 digit code you set up and the kids cannot undo your settings without that code. You can create multiple users-one log in for each child. Within each of their profiles you choose the games they can play and the Wi-Fi access you do or don’t want them to have. You can set limits and music, videos in each that are available to them. This is great as the older kids get the access they want and the younger ones get the access you want them to have!
  • 7″Hi-Res multi-touch shatter-safe screen
  • faster processor
  • Access to library of over 1,000 games and more
  • Kids-Safe web
  • Wrap around bumper
  • Take photos and videos
  • Peer-to-peer enabled to play against friends
  • 8gb Memory
  • Music player with 10 pre-loaded songs
  • Preloaded: Pet Pad Party, Pet Chat, Photo Fun Ultra, 5 Utility Apps and choice of 1 app download
  • 6 Bonus Imagicards
Price: MSRP $129.99
LeapFrog Imagicards

LeapFrog introduces a brand new digital and physical learning experience with its LeapFrog Imagicard Learning Game (for LeapPads and LeapFrog Epic). Your LeapFrog Platinum tablet comes with 6 bonus learning cards to start your child off, but you can collect them all to further enhance math and reading skills and they make a digital world come to life by scanning these cards. The camera of the tablet is used to capture the card photos and bring characters to a physical play and these cards are also digitally loaded once you activate a pack so they can play with the cards or without while on the go!
  1. Paw Patrol Math 3-5 yrs: Your child will play with Ryder and all of this friends by solving mathematic and problem-solving skills to earn Good Citizen badges while the game adapts automatically during play with its Just For Me™ feature offering tutorials and help if needed. They will find a citizen calling for help and choose the right pup (from the 6 available) that has the skills to help using addition, subtraction, shapes, number recognition, counting and patterns. 50+ trivia questions, take selfies with the pups and decorate images with stickers.
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Math 5-8 yrs: Recover mutagen canisters with the TMNT gang that are scattered around the city. Play as any turtle depending on their individual skills to pole vault over ooze pits, climb walls, chop crates and create bridges. As a mutagen is detected around the city, use odd vs even, greater than and less than, number place values to deactivate security locks. There are also fact finding missions using addition and multiplication equations plus addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of whole numbers to capture fractions and serve pizza to the team. it uses the Just For Me™ feature offering tutorials and the right level for your child. The turtles will interact with each other on screen!
  3. LeapFrog Letter Factory Reading 4-7 yrs: It is a Letter Factory carnival! New attractions are unlocked as your child uses phonics, spelling, consonants, word sounds and sight words to earn bonus coins, play attractions, open pirate treasure chests and bring their earned coins to the prize wheel to win more fun. It also uses the Just For Me™ feature.
Price MSRP: $24.99 for tin, play mat and 30+ cards
Word Whammer

Your child will learn letter skills with this interactive hand held game that is perfect for the Kindergarten age (4+ yrs old)on the LeapFrog Word Whammer. There are 3 games with 5 learning levels and your child will need to spin, push and twist away to the answers. Thrusting the handle will bring up a rocket that spells over 100 words. Spinning the handle will bring an upper-lower case matching game as they bump a car into the correct answer. If they hear a letter sound, they can twist the handle to spin a teacup into a letter that makes that sound in the 3rd game. The learning adapts to your child’s level and keeps them challenged. motivated and learning in a fun way as they progress through the 5 levels.
Your child will love the gifts of games and electronics and LeapFrog continues to prove it leads in offering an effective learning environment with games that adapt to your child’s level of play. This is important so they stay motivated and have fun while they play and learn. 
My son unboxed his gifts and your child will love to do the same this season!

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