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Kids can read along with Author, Carla Crane Osborne at Gonas Reading Ranch

Kids can read along with Author, Carla Crane Osborne at Gonas Reading Ranch

A few months back, we brought you a review of a great children’s book, Under the Barnyard Light (see it here). Author, Carla Crane Osborne wants to engage your children in their love of reading by inviting them and the family to her You Tube channel. This read along and listening channel is called, Gonas Reading Ranch.

There are a few videos to get you started and more coming soon!

  • Read The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen with Carla
  • Meet Daisy, a Ranch Calf in an adorable Farm Babies video
  • Carla introduces her grandchildren and some pets as she reads, Under the Barnyard Light
love of books and animals

See then at Gonas Reading Ranch on You Tube! Immerse your children in the love of reading and farm animals! It is a safe, family-friendly site you can subscribe for them to access anytime. For more about the Author, visit her website, Carla Osborne Books. Also visit Amazon to purchase Under the Barnyard Light! Her new series Go Gona Go! and will be released this fall!

Enter to win! 2 readers will win a copy of Under the Barnyard Light book! See below to enter! Ends July 29,2021.

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gloria patterson

I will have to talk to my niece about this. I think great niece would love this and it would be a nice addition to her grandmothers ‘ school with her each day.


to my daughter

Kathy Persons

My Grandsons Holden and Jaxten

Ladonna Wilson

Looks like a cute book for me and my doodlebug to read together



Alison King

I would read this to my daughter.

Linda Everson

I would read to my grandchildren.

Tony Platz

I would like it for my niece .

jane jakins

great to read to my grandkids


A story to read at least twice to the little ones, but who knows, it may become one of their favorites – looks really sweet to me.

Derek Miller

I would read this to my daughter.

Donna L

This book would be for my grandson

Colleen Debs

I would read it to my grandchildren! They love me to read to them. I also love to read to them because that means cuddle time!

Billie R

My nephew is 4 and my niece is a little over 2 months, I would read it to them.

Nichole F

I would read this wonderful book to my 5 year old son.

Colleen Debs

I love to read to my grandchildren


I would read this book to my great-granddaughter, Avery. I know she would love it.

Melissa Ahonen

I would love to read this book to my daughter Aspen, it reminds me of cold nights growing up on the farm.


I would love to read this to my granddaughter. If I won, I would need to purchase one too because we read over Facetime. She chooses a book and I buy one for me and one for her and at night, we take turns reading over FaceTime.

Anne Perry

I would read this book to my sons and our piglets.

Gina Ferrell

I would read this book to my daughter if I won!

Danalee Davis

I would read this to my son.

Kelly Beaudoin

I’d read this with my son Lincoln, who loves bard animals.

Colleen Debs

I would read it to my grandchildren


I really like the illustrations, especially the colors – nice presentation.

Colleen Debs

Would love to have this book for cuddle time with the grandkids!

Fredrick Pauly

My wife would read it to her preschool class.

Anne Higgins

Great book for our grandchildren

Haley B

With my nephew

Janet Boyanton

I would read this to my Grandson.

miklas hary

Thank you for sharing with us, I think this site really stands out and is of interest to many people.
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