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Kid Proof – The Fabric Protectant Every Parent Should Own

Kid proof

Need to Kid-Proof some things around your house? Perhaps we can’t keep glass from breaking or tools from going missing, but Kid Proof Resistant spray can keep your fabric a bit safer from spills and stains. What I love about Kid Proof is that it is not to clean up the messes, but to be used proactively to treat fabrics incase of spills.

Fabric protectant

This means you can go Kid Proof happy around your house with this nano technology fabric protectant spray bottle then have a bit more peace of mind going through your days. This is because when you spray those surfaces you want protected as I did with my dining chairs, you only need to wait about 24 hours so that product can set itself up into protection mode for you. When you protect your surfaces with Kid Proof it will do its job for about 15 washes before you need to retreat.

treat fabric

Kid Proof is non-toxic and safe for kids and pets. See liquid and spills roll right off the treated fabric. Use it on your car upholstery, kids clothing, favorite blankets and stuffies, pet toys…you name it. If it has fabric and is a favorite, spray it down with Kid Proof. It does not stain. Buy Kid Proof now!

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