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HINT launches kid-friendly Tetra boxes that help children drink more water

With a 10 year old who has ongoing constipation and digestion issues, drinking water is the number 1 thing he can do to lessen his symptoms. He is on a Miralax regimen and for that to work, water is imperative. The big problem is he hates drinking water. It is such a fight to get him to drink a healthy amount. I needed a solution that works to help children drink more water and HINT was my answer.

HINT water for kids comes in four fruit flavors, Watermelon, Cherry, Blackberry and Apple. Hydrate your thirsty kids with our refreshing fruit-flavored waters that contains no juice, sugar or sweeteners.

HINT kids waters are available at, and soon at Costco and grocery and specialty stores nationwide. I also found it on Amazon. This is a long-awaited water for parents like me who struggle to get water down their kids with no other option but sugar juices!

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