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Keto-Friendly Cookies that actually taste good from Nunbelievable

I am a Nubelievable affiliate. This means I agree to promote them as I enjoy and believe in their products myself.

Keto-Friendly Cookies that actually taste good from Nunbelievable

With so many keto-friendly snacks on the market, it is exciting that brands want to provide up with better ingredients. However, when they taste bland or chalky then they really are not of service to our tastebuds. Nunbelievable has done it right with their new keto-friendly cookies.

The Snickerdoodle cookies taste like a fresh-baked snickerdoodle and the double chocolate chip cookies taste like brownie batter. They are delicious!

Nunbelievable really prides itself on their 1 cookie = 1 meal program where you enjoy delicious cookies, and they donate meals to partner soup kitchens to feed people in need. The cookies yield 1 net carb per serving and a serving is 2 cookies. With flavors like these that are a little rich and satisfying, you will only need to eat 2 at a time and itch that sweet tooth with little guilt!

The ingredients? They are sweetened with stevia, stevia extracts, monkfruit extract, sugar-free chocolate chips and erythritol. The base is almond flour and emulsifier (contains sunflower or palm oils which is OK because their is not a lot), so I am 100% for these cookies on KETO and clean eating.

Each serving (2 cookies) have 100 calories – for a great snack serving. 6g of sugar alcohols, 0 sugar/added sugar and 2g fiber and 9g carbs (1g net carb). Again, they are delicious! The cost? about $1.50 a serving, that’s less than most quality snack bars or sugar-free chocolate bars. To stock up on Nunbelievable low carb cookies, visit their shop!

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