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Kefir Smoothie Recipes

This is a promotional post for Lifeway. All opinions are my own.

Next week I have the boys off for winter break. The teenager is no issue, but a 6 year old who is off his normal school schedule will quickly become bored and hungry all the time. I make a point to not shop for many snack items during the breaks so we can eat up what has been around a bit and to avoid over snacking out of boredom which a teenager is great at doing. With that, being creative and finding fun, healthy and filling snacks are the best. Kefir alone is not a product the boys like, so I found some great ingredients you can add to a smoothie to make the kids love getting the healthy benefits of kefir while filling up on a healthy and satisfying snack. Lifeway kefir products come in some fun flavors perfect for the holiday break smoothie snacking!
Pumpkin Maple Kefir Smoothie

I found the Lifeway Probiotic Kefir in Pumpkin Spice. With a blender, a cup of ice and some stevia and maple syrup, this kefir drink becomes a delicious smoothie that offers the benefit or probiotic kefir and you will stay full for quite a while!

Chocolate Eggnog Kefir Smoothie
Another option is to locate Lifeway Eggnog Kefir and add a cup of ice and some chocolate syrup in a blender for a smoothie that my son can’t get enough of. You can use any flavor kefir for this and the maple recipe above. I thought these flavors were most fun for the holidays.

About Lifeway Kefir

Kefir is a grain and with its fermenting yeasts and bacteria, when added to milk it will sour. It has such a low curd tension that it has been used as a natural digestive aid. Kefir is commonly used as a healthy food for infants, pregnant and nursing women, elderly and those suffering from constipation and digestive troubles. 
Lifeway foods is the largest manufacturer of kefir products in the U.S. Lifeway offers more than just kefir beverages. They also now offer frozen kefir bars, blasts and many other organic, lowfat and even veggie kefir products.
Mission Statement:
We’re here to provide the best in probiotic and nutritious foods.  We’re here to improve the health of our customers.  And we’re here to leave the world a better place than we found it.  

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