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Keeping Kids Healthy with GIANTmicrobes – Review

I have partnered with GIANTmicrobes for feature. All opinions are my own

Keeping Kids Healthy with GIANTmicrobes - Review

Vitamins come in many forms from tablets and capsules to yummy gummies. Most kids get their vitamins in gummies or flavored, candy-like tablets. Now they can play with their vitamins! With actual, enlarged molecules of Vitamins A, B6, C and D they will learn all about these compounds that are essential for growth and nutrition. See these fun Vitamin GIANTmicrobes.

Vitamin A plays an important role in bone growth and vision. It also is great for the skin and teeth as well as cell and tissue growth. What foods are a good source of Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is found in yellow and orange foods like carrots and squash. Ask your child to name a few they can think of?

Microbes Plush

Vitamin B6 is one of those B-Vitamins that converts food into energy. In particular, B6 is important for the cardiovascular and nervous system as well as immunity and digestion.

Vitamin B6 is found in meat, fish, nuts, bananas and potatoes! Ask your child what Disney Minion they think gets the most Vitamin B6?

Vitamin C Facts

Vitamin C fights the cold and flu bugs and helps heals wounds. You can’t stay away from germs, they are all around us but Vitamin C helps our body not get sick from those germs.

Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, cabbage and kiwi to name a few. Ask your child what Vitamin C food they want as a side for lunch or dinner today?

Vit C nutrition

Vitamin D is for the bones! Vitamin D also gives us a mineral that helps our body take in Calcium. Calcium (milk) and Vitamin D are best friends.

Vitamin D can be found in grains, green leafy vegetables, egg yolks and some cereals. Ask your child what they like to put on their green salad?

Learning biology

Now that you and your child have learned about their vitamins, how about some plush molecules to play with. They will use these to learn and memorize. If vitamins don’t excite them, there are so many cells, diseases and critters to learn and have fun with at GIANTmicrobes.

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Joan Cajic

I think I need to add more vitamin C to my sons diet because the number of colds he gets is too much and makes him miss school, so thank you for this.


So cool! This is important to keep in mind. I think my kids would get a kick out of the plushies.


These soft toys are lovely and as a chemist nerd I want them all! I only use fresh fruit for my vitamin intake.

Amber S.

These are absolutely adorable, and such great learning tools! I worry about the level of Vitamin D my two year old gets, because she refuses to drink milk! I think these will make it more fun for her, as far as understanding why she needs to eat and drink certain things for the nutrients!

Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

These are totally cute! I love how they could really get the kids interested in taking their vitamins.


I really like the idea of children taking tablets , I know there some kids that are picky or have food intolerances that mean that some foods and nutrients are missed. So it’s good that vitamins can replenish that.
As for myself personally, I am too scared. I know they’re good for me but it worries me taking that many tablets

Cathleen @ A Taste of Madness

Haha, love the plush molecules!! But this is some useful content here,. I never know what all of the vitamins do!!

Ana De-Jesus

I kind of want the plush molecules for myself they are so cute. I love that the giant microbes are educational as well and it is important to educate our kids about essential vitamins!


Wow this plush molecules is a great way to get our kids take their medicine… ☺️


This is such a fun way to get kiddos to take their meds. So perfect.

Emmanuel Damian

The Vitamin GIANTmicrobes look so cute! Kids will be enticed to drink vitamins with these plushies!


Excellent and fun way to get fussy ones to take their medicine without making it see like a chore! Not to mention personifying inanimate objects works well to connect kids to the product more easily.


That’s a fun way to teach kids about their vitamins. I like the concept it is very unique in a good way.


This is an awesome way to teach kids. This is very important especially during the flu season. I always make sure we have a lot of vitamin C during the flu season.

Brianne Patrice

I will have to try these! Thanks for sharing. My little one has a pretty weakened immune system. Will ask her Dr about these.

Dana Peller

What a cute and creative way to teach your little ones about the benefits of vitamins. Sometimes I struggle with getting the boys to take their vitamins.

Jessica Taylor

Such a creative way to get your kid to take vitamins! Super cute!

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