Keep your laundry separated when traveling with the NOMATIC Laundry Bag

When you travel frequently you learn how to pack lighter with time. No matter how I try to control it, I seem to fit less in my suitcase on the way home then when I arrived. Even when I am at a destination with little shopping, my travel bags seem fuller after. Typically, it is the dirty clothes I am trying to keep separate from my clean ones. I can’t wait to see the benefits of my Nomatic Laundry Bag next trip.

It folds up so small while packing to leave. Once at my destination, I can hang the bag and keep dirty clothes organized away from my clean clothes. Once I leave, it collapses around the dirty clothes and fits right into my travel bag for the trip home. Once bak home, I can easily remove and head to my laundry room to wash them all.

The mesh design makes it collapsible and like my other Nomatic products, I am sure it will last because it is made well. This NOMATIC Laundry Bag is designed to fit perfectly in the shoe compartment of the 40L Travel Bag for camping and climbing trips as well. Shop Nomatic as we head out of this season and closer to travel and camping season.

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