Keep Learning this Summer with Merka Kids Educational Products

Keep Learning this Summer with Merka Kids Educational Products

We learn best through play and experiences. Merka wants your kids to keep on learning, in a fun way, all summer long. It is so easy to do with colorful posters, placemats and flashcards. They have subjects for toddlers through tween.

educational placemats

The colors and illustrations are so engaging and explain the ‘why’ behind learning subjects. In this Periodic Table placemat I got my son, he went straight away and put it on his computer desk as a mat near his keyboard. He just finished 7th grade and will get more Chemistry learning next year and he is better prepared with tools like these educational products.

Periodic table

Even for the toddler, the topics of colors, numbers and letters are fun and are designed visually well. Have them go around the house and find amounts or colored objects to bring back to their placemats. Do some fun review at meal time. Use them as mats they will engage with at an art table. You are unlimited on how to incorporate these products into your daily life.

Posters can be hung in any space. Flashcards will travel well and if you need more, visit their printables page!

learn shapes

Visit Merka store to learn more and you can also visit the Merka Amazon shop.

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Kari B

These look great. Wonderful products for parents.

gloria patterson

Due to COVID my great niece did not get to start PRE-K last year. And parents are not sure what is going on this year yet. She stays with her grandmother during the days and they have school half the day. This would really be great for her to use it has a lot of good ideals that would make it fun


They look like fantastic products.

Mia E.

Good ways for kids to learn new things while having fun in the summer.

Tony Platz

These look like awesome prodycts .

Holly Thomas

I wish I had these when I was a kid.