Keep fruits and vegetables fresh weeks with Veggie Saver 

Keep fruits and vegetables fresh weeks with Veggie Saver 

I have a habit of coming home from the grocery store with so many veggies and no real plan for them. I may have had great intentions when I was bagging them up in the produce section, but then days get away from me and that stew or homemade dinner idea turned into fast food between rescheduled sports games or microwaved items as we get home too late from practice. Now, if I cannot hurry up and find a use for the fruit and veggies I am throwing them away because they spoil so fast. 

I have seen veggie fresh bags and devices and wondered how well they really work. We just bought a brand new refrigerator last month and I was expecting miracles from my produce drawer, but veggies are still rotting fast. So, it was time to try something new. I have been using the Veggie Saver bag and I am ordering a second one! It is working so well and also looks more organized in my drawer.

My goal is to keep mine for the veggies and order a second one for the fruit bin. It is so easy as you dampen the bag, add veggies or fruit and close it up and drop it in your tray or bin inside your refrigerator. It works to keep veggies fresh for over 2 weeks! If I fail to use my veggies up when I buy them, I can incorporate them into my next week rather than toss and rebuy. 

It really works! The Veggie Saver doesn’t only keep them edible for longer, my veggies look great like I just came home with them fresh after 1-2 weeks. My peppers still look great after 8 days in the fridge inside my Veggie Saver bag. I also like the aesthetics of this bag instead of all those store plastic bags or random veggies merging in the drawer or rolling all over. You can find the Veggie Saver on Amazon or visit their website to learn more.

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