Kaenon Venice Polarized Sunglasses Essentials Collection

Kaenon Venice Polarized Sunglasses Essentials Collection

My favorite sunglasses were a cheap $5 pair that really did not do much to protect my eyes, but fit my face so well and I lost them in a lake this summer. I accidentally left them on my head when dropping from a zip line into the water. I am always losing my sunglasses, so I hate paying a fortune for them. When I was shopping for a new pair, I wanted to spend as little as possible, but have good eye protection. Kaenon is exactly this – effective + affordable sunglasses. Kaenon is a Southern California brand and their sunglasses are hand-crafted in Japan.

The Essentials line has 5 styles to choose from: Venice, Avalon, Lido, Sonora and Arroyo.

I own the Venice Polarized Sunglasses and I can see and feel the quality when they arrived. These sunglasses are from their new Essentials line and are made using TR-90, which means they are very lightweight! The Venice style has 10 frame colors to choose from.

Whether you need new sunglasses this time of the year for driving, skiing, riding or just to replace the pair you lost over the summer, you can find a sunglass choice that is right for you by visiting Kaenon’s website.

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