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Juke24 – Portable, Digital Jukebox with CD Player and Karaoke Function

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Jukebox Juke24

I am featuring the next generation jukebox that truly does it all for your child-young and older. If you were to create the perfect music device for a child, it would include every feature that the Juke24 has. This is a player to be used for years and it will last with the growing technology of music play.

  jukebox play


  • Read and record your kids’ favorite books in your voice!
  • Comes with its own microphone for sing-alongs!
  • 24 Programmable Press-and-Play Buttons
  • Built-in MP3 Digital Recorder
  • Built-in Side Speakers
  • Customizable Buttons
  • Load from virtually any device: USB, computer, CD, phone or tablet!
  • Kid tested for toughness!
  • Free iPhone App Available at the iTunes Store!

jukebox cd

The entire jukebox has large buttons that are easy to press for little hands. The CD is on the back of the unit and has the same large push button for opening the door.  What about the kids you know will go button-pushing crazy? There is a lock-on so you lock out the functions. Brilliant!

jukebox record

You have 24 pre-set buttons that you can record to. Whether you want to record a song from a CD, your device playlist or your voice, simple play the song and press record-the number preset you want and it will start recording. Stick around after the song ends to press stop if you only want that one song. I took a few moments to sit with the jukebox and get songs on each preset by stopping and starting record and it is all set up now for my son.

portable jukebox

There are slots on each preset for pictures or icons you can place in there for the younger children who can identify what is recorded by images.

jukebox karaoke

The karaoke feature is a lot of fun and I did not fill up all 24 presets as to leave empty saves for him to do his own recording and save. This is a lot of fun for a group too such as a Daycare or Preschool. Makes great entertainment at parties and school functions too. The sound is fantastic as well.

jukebox children

Head to Juke24 to learn more about this great gift idea.

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