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Jax’s Monster Mix is a Peanut & Gluten-Free Snack

Jax's Monster Mix is a Peanut & Gluten- Free Snack

My son is 13 and snacks to him are bowls of cereals and half a box of crackers if I don’t watch out. So, when I find a snack that is fulfilling and he loves, I keep it around as a snack option. The past few movie nights he grabs a sparkling water flavor and a package of Jax’s Monster Mix. He tells me they are so good as in there are satisfying amounts of the chocolate sesame seeds and the dried fruit is “much better than trail mix raisins”. His exact words are: “..these are better than trail mix because of the little fruit things…” Per his request, I just ordered a 3-box bundle with my new order 10% code to have more on hand!

They may be packaged for the kiddos lunch boxes, but apparently they are good enough for a teen on the couch. 
Jax’s Monster Mix contains GF honey roasted sesame snacks, unsulphured dried pineapple, papaya & mango, naturally colored milk chocolate sunflower seeds and organic toasted coconut chips. Everything in this mix makes it peanut and gluten-free and no added sugars. 

A 3-box bundle of this Jax’s Monster Mix is a Peanut & Gluten- Free Snack is $15 and there are 15 pouches. This is a $1 snack! Candy bars are more expensive than this pouch! Visit Jax’s website to order today! They are only this price through February and you can save even more by subscribing!

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