Java House’s New Authentic Cold Brew Coffee pods

I was sent product for feature

Java House's New Authentic Cold Brew Coffee pods

Most of us use brew pods these days. I do everyday. We have 2 coffee pots on our coffee bar-a standard and K-cup brewer. I was recently sent a supply of the new Java House Authentic Cold Brew coffee and it is a game changer. You don’t brew coffee then wait hours for it to cool. You actually get cold brew coffee instantly!

Java House has all the roasts you enjoy from decaf to strong Sumatran roasts. If you enjoy your coffee cold, then simply grab a glass, fill with ice, empty a pod then fill the rest with water. All you do now is stir and sip!

If you want your coffee hot, that’s no problem either! Just brew like a standard pod (there are instructions included on the right position to insert your pod into your brewer to follow). What I realized is how different it tasted with my regular creamer. I actually didn’t need this. The flavor of a coffee prepared in concentrate offers a less bitter, less acidic and much smoother cup of coffee.

With these Java House concentrated (not full of grounds) pods there are no preservatives, additives, or coffee derivatives. Visit Java House to see all of their coffee offerings and order your Authentic Cold Brew coffee today! It really is a new coffee experience.

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