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Japan’s number 1 kid shoe brand – Syunsoku Review

I have partnered with Achilles for this feature

Japan’s number 1 kids shoes brand - Syunsoku Review

Syunsoku has grown to become the number one kids shoes in Japan since it came about in 2003. What makes this shoe a hit is in the way the soles are made that enable wearers to run with all their strength by keeping their footing when cornering counterclockwise. It is a brand of Achilles and Syunsoku’s proprietary “Sokuiku (foot growth)” design helps children’s feet grow properly as they develop.

red shoes

In Japanese, “SYUN” stands for “flash”, ”instant”; “SOKU” stands for “feet”. That means that these Syunsoku shoes represent “flash feet”, designed for power and speed.

boys fast shoes

My son is almost out of boy sizes, but they carry some styles in size 5 so these are the Storm Max shoes in red. This shoe is lightweight and a flat sole so this is a great choice for long distance running. A hollow structure is built into the front of the shoe to release heat and moisture making it a very comfortable shoe when moving or in the heat.

boys running shoes

All lines of Syunsoku shoes run near $50 so they are very comparable to other brands that offer fitness and soles for athletes in their running shoes. Anthony immediately noticed how lightweight they are when he put them on. They are a great choice for back to school kids shoes for the kids here in the US. They are unique and a top brand.

new shoes

See all of the shoe choices at Syunsoku’s website and follow them on Facebook.

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June S.

(Japan’s number 1 kid shoe brand – Syunsoku Review) This brand on sneakers sound like they would be perfect for my five year old grandson. I bet they are very comfortable to wear.

Jho Pasquin

I love that red color rubber shoes, it is so young and would surely be loved by young boys.