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Is your leather furniture thirsty? Chamberlain’s Leather Furniture Treatment

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Chamberlain's Leather Furniture Treatment

We bought our couch a few years ago and I have not been a good leather couch Mama. I don’t think I have ever conditioned it and it really shows in spots. I have a BIL who is an auto upholsterer and he was over one day no more than 30 minutes when he commented on the fact that I obviously do not condition my leather. I though “really?” “Condition my couch?”

The leather gets thirsty, just like us and if you quench its thirst, it will not wear out on you as fast. The Chamberlain’s Leather Furniture Treatment gives even the highest quality leathers the conditioning it craves. My ‘drank up;’ so much of this treatment and it looked and smelled great afterwards. 

leather milk

About Chamberlain’s Leather Furniture Treatment No. 5

  • Contains rich & natural emollients
  • Gentle enough for your high quality leather furniture
  • Not for use on very soft leathers or suede
  • Milky, water-baed emulsion
  • Concocted from natural oils and conditioners
  • Quick & effective

To learn more, visit Leathermilk.com

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