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Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten? Try these tips!

I have partnered with Teach My for this feature. Opinions are my own

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Can you believe it? Your baby is heading to Kindergarten and it happened so fast! How has at-home learning been going? Did preschool prepare your child well enough or is there more you wish they could do? Summer is a great time to sneak in extra at-home learning. It keeps their eager brains learning without a summer pause and brings a way to have some one on one time you both are craving. Let’s order your Teach My Preschool Learning Kit now. There is so much inside this kit your child will not run out of motivation to learn at home.

But, learning kits and summer home programs are expensive? Teach My is under $30! It is affordable at-home learning and let’s not stop learning after school gets out for too long or they may lose some of the knowledge preschool gave them. Let me dissect what comes in this kit:

  • Teach My Preschooler Reading Learning Set
  • Teach My Preschooler Printing Learning Set
  • Teach My Preschooler Numbers to 100 Learning Set
  • Teach My Preschooler Math Learning Set

I think that covers the early-learning subjects of math, reading and writing. Teach My makes learning fun because you get the lessons in the form of mini books, flashcards, a drawing board, a flip book, posters, counters and it all comes packed neatly in a carrying case. Don’t worry, you get plenty of guides to best create learning segments at home and make sure you are using all of these tools correctly.

Let’s make learning fun! To make sure you stay consistent and also to make sure they stay engaged, create a learning site weekly calendar! Here is what a learning site calendar may look like for example:

  1. Monday: Math Flashcards and 1 booklet – After lunch at the table. Read second story at nap time
  2. Tuesday: Number counters and Writing practice – with snacks at the backyard patio table. Read 1 story at nap time
  3. Wednesday: Field Trip! Park, grocery store, etc and bring 2 flashcards and find groups of things in the cards #
  4. Thursday: Take TeachMy case to the park for a math lesson & 1 writing fun! Read 1 book at bedtime
  5. Friday: Child’s choice = Pick 2 lessons and learning spot for the day! Have a Friday treat ready to celebrate your weeks learning!

Making learning fun, having a reward each week and changing up study spots makes it so much fun and becomes a great way to spend quality time together. It is OK if you work and it is OK if you have other children in the home. Learning each day can be anywhere you find new spots and with anyone willing to take that day! Older siblings may have fun taking 1 day a week to sit on the lawn as a weekly ‘fun chore’ and help little sibling learn for a bit! Anytime of day and any study buddy works as long as they are learning!

Connect with Teach My by visiting their website and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy Teach My Kits

Stay tuned! I will be giving away THREE Teach My Preschooler kits in starting mid-July!

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Julie Plagens

These seem like a wonderful way to teach your children. Lots of material and instructions for a great experience.


My kids are teenagers now, the time does go way too fast. I remember my oldest starting kindergarten so long ago. But all turned out well. It is a great milestone. This fall he starts grade 12!

Tina Gleisner

What fun to remember these days & even better than attending my granddaughters graduation from kindergarten last month. The days go fast so yes, take time to enjoy this special experience with your kids


My daughter is ready, but I’m not sure I am. She’s my baby, so it’s hard to watch her grow up so quickly.


I don’t have kids but I was JUST talking to my BFF who was almost in tears that her baby girl was going to start going to preschool after the summer! I giggled reading this. Agree about making learning fun and early on so learning will always be something to look forward to!

Olga Zak

Wow these are wonderful tips! Your article gives a good guides. Thanks for sharing this post.


Great tips to see if little ones are ready! I think making sure kids are toilet trained is good too – something people seem to not been doing in the UK at the moment apparently!


It is hard to let go when our babies start school. Great tips to see there readiness.

Tia McKinzie

I love this, I love anything that aides in my sons learning. We are working with him to help him get straight to kindergarten.

David Allen Elliott

I wish I had seen something like this when I was working with my daughter when she was younger. At least I would have had a better gage of the things I would need to teach her. Good write up.

Elizabeth Brooks

These look fun and easy. I love the breakdown of days

Jessi Housel

I like the weekly calendar idea! I plan to do something similar with my youngest who is 4yrs old. A fun thing we do is also put up pictures with a word under it (like a bird with b i r d). We put them around the house with tape and they can be used in scavenger hunts or just helping create literacy and work on my son’s speech disability at the same time.

Lisa Rupertus

Looks like lots of hands on learning which my little guy loves!

Kayla Norris

I really want to try these. Love the fifth one being child choice.

Amy D

We have the Teach My Preschool kit, and it has really helped my daughter. She is starting Kindergarten next week, and I would love the Teach My Kindergarten kit for her. These kits also make great birthday gifts for friends.

Kim Avery

I think this is a great way to help your child learn and grow. So many different activities that they would think it’s play time.

wen budro

I love these tips. Making learning fun is so very important. My kids love making field trips to museums and zoos. It seems like they learn more when the learning is fun.

Dandi D

My daughter is turning three and we are doing some preschool activities and these are some great ideas!


I have been preparing my son since he was 1 to go to school. He knows and has known his alphabet, colors, numbers, and shapes since he was one and a half. That was no problem teaching him all those with all the helpful youtube videos there are these days. The trouble I am having is teaching him to write. I have however got him starting to read he is sounding out words and everything. I think you can teach kids anything as soon as they start to talk just have to have patience. Let them go at their speed… Read more »

Shakeia Rieux

These are such great tips! I like how you break it down and do something different daily to make learning fun. I will be sharing this post with family and friends.

LeAnn Harbert

These are all good tips to help make learning fun.

beth Embrey

Love the way you make it something to do as a family. I think this would make it easier for my daughter to help the youngest grandson who is so not ready to learn yet starts kindergarten this year.


Great tips! I love these sets. They would be great for our son!


I love the ‘fun chore’ idea or older siblings to have something to while younger ones learn.

Chasta howes

I really like the ideas bc if they are having fun while learning they will enjoy it more. Also Keri g things mixed up so they don’t get bored


We are just starting preschool with our daughter. These are great tips and the kits would be perfect!

Dana Rodriguez

I think these kits sound like a great way to get your child ready for school. I love they have them for each age group!

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