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Is it the Right Time to Start Potty Training?

Is it the Right Time to Start Potty Training?

One of the most common questions I hear as a professional potty training consultant is, “How do I know when my child is ready?” There are some classic signs and signals you can look for including: a general interest in the bathroom, asking for a new diaper when they are wet or dirty, hiding to have a bowel movement, staying dry for longer periods throughout the day, and waking up dry from naps and/or overnight. Your child should also possess basic communication skills, either verbal or physical, and the ability to understand and follow basic direction. These things usually start presenting themselves somewhere between 22 and 28 months, making this the ideal age to potty train.

Keep in mind, that it is also just as important for you to be ready as your child’s teacher and coach. If you are prepared to fully commit and remain consistent with a plan that matches your child’s unique personality and potty learning style, it is sure to make for a successful potty training experience!

Once you are ready to start the process, here are three unique potty training tips that you won’t hear anywhere else! 

Tip 1: Take some time before you begin potty training to count down the days to no more diapers with your little one. About 3 to 5 days before you’re ready to start, wake up each morning and “x” off the day on the calendar together. Not only does this help your child mentally prepare for the upcoming change they’re about to experience, but it gives you the opportunity to build their confidence so they believe they can do it! This technique works really well for stubborn kiddos who tend to be resistant to change.

Tip 2: If your child ever seems anxious, apprehensive, or even afraid to release their pee and poop on the potty, try my bubble trick! Did you know that when you blow out air, it activates the same muscles we use to pass our bladder and bowels? It’s true! So while your little one is set up on the potty, try letting them blow bubbles. Not only does getting to do this typical outdoor activity inside entice your child to try, but it also relaxes them AND activates the muscles we use to pass our bladder and bowels! Gotta love an effective trick that is actually FUN!

Tip 3: When you’re ready to introduce underwear to your child, buy them in a size larger than what they would normally wear. Having the underwear be a slightly looser fit will help them remain more aware of their body’s sensations and urges and will be less easily confused with a diaper. This tends to reduce accidents, and who doesn’t want that?

If you feel like you need more support with your potty training journey, feel free to reach out to me via my website at and follow me on Instagram @pottytrainingconsultant! 

-Allison Jandu

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Thank you for these great tips and product recommendations!!


Really good to know, potty training is one of the main things they go through.


Great tips! I don’t miss potty training at all. It was a bit stressful for me, if I’m being completely honest lol.

Renee T

Just remember, eventually they learn to use the potty.

Dana Rodriguez

These are fantastic tips. Looks like a great seat!

Lily Kwan

These tips are very helpful. Thanks for sharing!