Innovative Bathroom Ideas with Pedestal and Freestanding Tubs

Everyone needs a long, nice soak to unwind after a stressful day. And slipping into the shimmering suds makes it feel like you are on a mini-vacation. Also, owning a luxurious bathtub is one indulgence that will pay for itself repeatedly compared to visiting the spa. 

So, if your bathroom does not feel like a spa, it needs a remodeling. Whether you are looking for something that will fit your matching décor or one of the latest bathroom features, this article is here to inspire you. So that you can dim your lights, turn on soft music; sink into your tub and soak away the stress.  

Freestanding Tubs

These tubs have all four sides exposed. They are the opposite of alcove tubs that are surrounded by 1, 2, or 3 walls. Freestanding tubs typically sit on the bathroom floor. They do not have any platform or feet supporting them, yet they function like built-in or alcove tubs.

These tubs come in a wide range of sizes and shapes such as the Japanese, single-ended, double-ended, double slipper, and single slipper. They offer many benefits especially in bathrooms that can appear bigger with a bathtub that occupies less space.

If you want your bathroom to have a modern look, freestanding baths can give you this look. Most spas have replaced their garden and jetted tubs with freestanding options. You can fix the tubs anywhere; just ensure that the spot will accommodate a plumbing line. 

Bathroom Ideas with Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are flexible in appearance and that is one of their selling points. They come in rectangular and standard oval shapes. You can also find them as round, square, and corner configurations.

When you want to purchase one, allow your imagination to make the choice. Imagine your tub in an egg shape, a freeform, or an hourglass shape; there are tons of choices at your disposal. Since you can fix the tub anywhere, if the appropriate plumbing is installed, it will make a good choice for a bathroom that is oddly-shaped. 

Additionally, you can place the bathtub under a skylight or in the middle of the bathroom with a piece of side furniture. The slipper tubs are quite popular, too. They have one sloping, higher side that allows you to recline effortlessly while in the tub. You can also find the double slipper styles that have both sides raised.

If you choose the slipper tub style, you will be rewarded with an amazing shape and comfort. It is ergonomically designed compared to other shapes. Other optional features to consider in freestanding tubs are:

  1. A roll-top – Its edges appear rolled, giving it a soft finish.
  2. Clawfoot – This is usually present in footed tubs and it comes in different styles, both contemporary and traditional. It helps to elevate the tub.
  3. A decorative base – There are tubs that sit inside or atop a base, pedestal, or cladding. Some of these surrounds and bases have storage to make up for the missing decks on the bathtubs.

Furthermore, you may consider buying removable trays or shelves, so your things can stay dry. You can fix them across the tub’s top to hold toiletries, wine glass, or books. A caddy for the bathroom can also offer extra storage.

To take your bathroom experience to a different level, consider placing add-ons such as lights, multimedia capabilities, pillows, and aromatherapy. You may want to check out this website to find other irresistible ideas.

Pedestal Tubs

These are an off-shoot of clawfoot tub designs. But in place of feet, they use plinths or pedestals to elevate the bathtub off the floor. The pedestal bathtubs are a mix of modern and vintage styles. 

You can also make them stand out in your bathroom by designing them to sit far from the wall. This is even easier because the tubs do not need any deck or surround. You can either tuck them in alcoves or make a statement when you place them at the center of the bathroom. Your bathroom designer or contractor can design a suitable position for the plumbing.

Pedestal bathtubs are like freestanding bathtubs. The only difference is the extra height they provide because of the pedestals. You can find them in various sizes and shapes like the freestanding tubs. There are double-ended, double slipper, and slipper styles. 

Each style has an elevation on the base. Additionally, some models merge the tub and base into a whole system while others separate them. This means you will join them during installation. 

Bathroom Ideas with Pedestal Bathtubs

There are different styles of pedestal bathtubs. They include cast iron, acrylic, copper, and stone models. Traditionally, tubs are made of cast iron and coated with porcelain. You can still find such models, but they are quite heavy. 

Today, many lightweight materials are used in the manufacturing of bathtubs like acrylic tubs. They are not difficult to fix, especially on the upper levels of a home. You can also find tubs with solid surfaces. They are created using engineered resin and stone. 

Additionally, the copper tubs give off striking looks, but they are more expensive compared to other materials. So, you must be committed to maintaining them before you decide to make a purchase. Pedestal tub designs have sleek, neat lines that produce an elegant look. And you can choose from a range of shapes like a rectangle, oval, or a bowl.

Most products include faucets like the telephone faucets that come in nickel or chrome finishes. You can also get a shower attachment if you want your bathtub to serve a dual purpose. Like the freestanding tubs, other options to choose from include the following:

  1. The elegant edge with a rolled top.
  2. A double-ended design where the two sides are rounded.
  3. The slipper design where one side is elevated and sloped, offering a reclining comfort.
  4. The double slipper where both sides are elevated.

Most pedestal bathtubs have a soft, white finish, but you can request a different color to suit your style. If you want something unexpected and bold, you can consider a red or black with some silver finishing.


Whether you want a freestanding or pedestal tub, you will find them in various styles. However, materials like the engineered stone and cast iron that has a porcelain coating offer not only beauty but also durability.

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