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Improve Strength, Grip, and Ball Handling with POWERHANDZ Basketball

Improve Strength, Grip, and Ball Handling with POWERHANDZ Basketball

If you have a basketball player or are a coach with players who need to improve strength and their ball handling, dribbling, and resistance training, Powerhandz has a training bundle for you. You could purchase these items separately or as a bundle and they are sure to improve their game. From a weighted ball, weighted gloves and antigrip basketball wrap, they think they are playing while training.

The POWERHANDZ Weighted Training Ball is a 3lbs heavy ball will work to improve grip strength and muscle memory so your passes and dribbling can improve. Once you get used handling 3lbs, using a regulation ball will feel much better to handle. The ball can be used indoors or outdoors and is made with a heavy-duty synthetic leather. All ages and abilities can use this ball.

Improve Ball Handling

Whether you start with the POWERHANDZ Weighted Training Ball or the entire bundle, your athlete will love training with these products and start building confidence in their game. This makes a great gift for basketball athletes from youth to adult. Visit Powerhandz to shop today.

*Samples were sent for our honest review

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