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Improve Posture and Pain with Therafit Carly Athletic Sneakers

Last month my husband and I took one of our getaways to Las Vegas like we often do. I have suffered form plantar fasciitis and when it flares up it is so painful. I brought shoes I have worn there before with no problems, but this time I had problems. I woke up fine one morning and by the end of breakfast I was in so much pain. I powered through it for 2 more days, but bearing any weight was excruciating. I needed my Therafit shoes, but did not bring them!

Once home I began wearing on of my Therafit shoes and by day 2 I was already pain free except for the odd step here and there. My newest pair of Therafit shoes are these Carly Athletic Sneakers. I typically wear a size 8.5 so I ordered the 9 and they fit great. They come in medium or wide foot sizes. They also come in a few colors – light blue, raspberry and electric blue.

What I love about Therafit shoes is that they are so comfortable from the start. You don’t feel like you are breaking them in. Therafit’s patented technology helps relieve stress on your lower body with the goal to improve posture, increase support and reduce pain. It helped me! Thee Carly Athletic Sneakers are a limited edition so I would order now!

Therafit Footwear products are designed for optimal support and cushioning. They are also Vegan-friendly!

Order your favorite Therafit shoe HERE! Save 15% with code: Parent!

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