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I just mixed my darks & whites doing laundry today with Purex No Sort

Purex no sort

Introducing the New PUREX No Sort laundry detergent

Get this- you do not have to sort your laundry so much anymore! Seriously! I stepped out of my color-sorting comfort zone and mixed my lights and darks using the Purex No Sort detergent and my lights are safe. Now my husband, on the other hand, looked in the laundry room and asked what I was using and when I told him, he says “Sweet! My kind of detergent!”

So…this is my husband and teenage son’s detergent from now on. I can now relieve my duty of being the laundry queen and allow the boys to mix and wash away as I fight to keep them from doing. What will I do with all of my extra time now that they can do their own laundry?   

This was great because I had all the laundry done yesterday and had a little dark pile & a little light pile and both were not enough to warrant a laundry load, but together I was able to run one. My clothes smell great as Purex always accomplishes this in my laundry care. 

Purex laundry

Purex No Sort for colors has an Anti-color transfer technology that traps loose dyes from the wash which reduces color bleeding accidents while leaving your clothes clean and bright! Simply put-you can was darks & lights together!  

The GiveawayENDED

There are 2 contests to enter! Enter both below!  

Contest #1 ‘The Rules have Changed Purex No Sort Giveaway’ is open to US residents and runs until April 28, 2014. Prizes (1) $1,000 + a year supply of Purex & (100) a free bottle of Purex No Sort. Enter Here

Contest #2 I was sent Purex No Sort Free bottle coupons and I am giving them away to you! Enter below on the Rafflecopter by April 23, 2014. Open to US.

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christina dutra

i would love to try the purex no sort detergent. my fiance does the laundry and he has mixed colors together before and it wasn't pretty! he would love this too!