How To Win Custody Of Your Child In A Divorce

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Divorces can become terrible struggles when custody of your child is involved. A divorce can do long-term damage to a child, both physically and emotionally. While there are many steps you can take to help a child after a divorce, the state takes the task of assigning child custody seriously. A parent undergoing divorce must work hard and plan ahead to win custody of their child. The wrong move in this struggle, and you may lose custody of your child forever. These steps will show you how to win custody of your child.

Hire A Child Custody Lawyer

Hire a child custody from the first to lead you through this process. Custody law is complex, and each state keep their own standards. Even if you never reach the court in terms of custody, a lawyer will be essential to ensure you are granted custody. According to the divorce lawyers at Annutto Law Office, “The dynamics of any family dealing with child support issues is one that requires patience, compassion, and respect for the sensitive nature of the situation.” If you cannot afford such a lawyer, there are legal clinics that might provide you at least with some consultation. Without a lawyer, your custody battle is likely lost before it began.

Try To Negotiate

If at all possible, try to negotiate with your spouse to work out a custody plan. Even if there is little chance to get your spouse to agree, the attempt is important. It will show the courts that you care enough about your child to try to make a deal for them. The courts believe a child look after by two parents is best, even if those parents no longer live together. Whatever your disagreements with your spouse, you both presumably want what is best for your child. You might even work out a joint custody agreement for the sake of your child. If a deal can be reached at this stage, it would be better than going to court over custody.

Get Temporary Custody

As the custody battle, and your divorce, moves to the court try to get to judge to award you temporary custody. This will mean your child will be in your care while the court decides the matter of custody. This is a great advantage. As the court examines you and spouse’s fitness, they will get to view you parenting your child alone. Looking after the child in this traumatic time may also ingratiate you to the child. Since the child’s choice is a factor in custody, this can be an advantage. Temporary custody will ensure that you can prove yourself a worthy guardian.

Focus On Your Strengths

When in court, argue your fitness for custody, not your spouse’s unfitness. The rules determining a parent’s unfitness is complicated. Unless your spouse was physically abusive to the child, you are not likely to prove it in court. In doing, so you will also look bad in front of the court. Focus instead on proving your own strengths. Show how your schedule gives your child more freedom, or that you can provide health foodstuffs. The court’s prefer parents who work together for their child even in divorce. Do not be tempted to trash your spouse to prove your superiority.

Avoid Bad Behaviors

The best way to ensure custody of your child is to behave in an upstanding manner. As the court decides it will view you both your past and manner in detail. Criminal records and employment status are important. You should also avoid using alcohol or drugs while the court decides. Additionally, make sure you are prompt not just at meeting with the court, but also for any visitation with your child. Make it clear you are not only a good choice to look after your child, but that you deeply wish to. Assume your every action is being monitored and give them no reason to question your judgement.

There are a few steps that can help you retain custody of your child during a divorce. Hire a good custody lawyer to lead you through the process. Try to negotiate custody with your spouse. Once the court case begins, try to get temporary custody while the court decides. In court, focus on proving your worth as a guardian, not your spouse’s unfitness. Keep you habits clean and remember that you are observed by the court. Following these steps, you stand a good chance of gaining custody your child.

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There are a few steps that can help you retain custody of your child during a divorce.