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How To Use Treats Like CBD Oil As Positive Reinforcement For Your Dog

How To Use Treats Like CBD Oil As Positive Reinforcement For Your Dog

Pet parents and furry companions have few ways to communicate since they can’t speak the same language. In getting puppy to follow the rules and behave appropriately, there needs to be a sort of ‘show-and-tell’ demonstration reminiscent of ‘charades.’ Once the dog understands the concept that’s being displayed and actually reacts appropriately, he’s more than deserving of a reward.

What makes dogs happiest and would serve them well as a prize? Pups love to eat and would scarf anything down that’s put in front of them indulging for as long as they’re allowed. But giving a canine something, he has regularly wouldn’t provide much motivation to repeat the behavior. It’s much more inspiring to give puppy a treat. Go to this link to learn the first step before you give pup his treat.

How To Use Treats Including CBD Oil As Positive Reinforcement For Your Dog

CBD or cannabidiol manufacturers have lines of dog treats explicitly created to cater to puppy’s tastes. The species can not only benefit from the potential health-related properties boasted by the compound, but they want to eat them. And there is a vast array of variations leaving little chance for puppies to get bored. Check out a few websites like to get an idea of the range on the market.

The products such as CBD oil and treats are growing steadily in popularity as pet parents see great success according to anecdotal studies for symptoms relating to specific ailments, conditions, and disorders, especially pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

These are all-natural, organic treats with the reputation of being nontoxic, offering little to no adverse reactions. The claims are that these are safe enough for pups to take them daily, making them perfect for use on a reward-type basis while gaining all the additional advantages.

Why Pet Parents Should Engage In Positive Reinforcement

Some people don’t work with their pets to develop a type of structure in their everyday regimen. It’s an integral part of a dog’s development to engage in behavioral management to create a sense of confidence and bring stability to their life. It also keeps the family harmonious. 

Why is positive reinforcement the method people incorporate? First, it is optimum for the wellness of the dog. Other measures of correcting or disciplining should not be accepted, including corporal punishment or any negativity. Positivity notes as the most effective and overall successful. Reasons pet parents use the treat technique and how to give treats:

  • Successful:  Rewarding pups for their effort alone is essential, even if they don’t entirely complete the activity. The dogs have one goal, which is to please us. And that needs acknowledged – positively. Any other type of reaction, including using methods like a shock collar, only leads to your companion fearing you and them relenting to commands from anxiety or stress. When you’re not around, destructive behaviors will likely ensue. When a dog sees that you’re happy and enjoying the process, they have a good time, and they want to do what you’re asking at that point, continuing to do so into the future.
  • A Bond Grows: Your canine will withdraw from you rather than grow closer if he is enduring physical or emotional distress. There will be no trust. That is not the purpose of adopting a faithful friend. Dogs shower pet parents with unconditional love and only ask in return for praise for the things they do for you and respect for their excellent behavior, the same as a human. It is your obligation and responsibility as a pet parent to love, encourage, and work hard to gain puppy’s trust, not to instill fear, stress, and upset. Lack of patience at this stage should speak volumes to you that you’re not prepared for this type of commitment.
  • Puppy Enjoys It:  A canine exposed to positive reinforcement enjoys the experiences even if he’s learning in the process. It reminds them of playtime. If you see that your dog is looking forward to working on structure, it’s a sign that you may have the opportunity to teach him a bit faster. It’s critical not to push your fur baby. Follow as they lead. If they begin to stumble, back everything up to where he’s comfortable and gradually bump it up as pup becomes ready.

When you’re giving your dog treats as rewards, you want to make sure they are small little light nibbles so as not to increase calories or have the potential for affecting weight management. It’s ok to take a regular-sized treat and break it down into several bites for a session, especially when you’re using CBD oil. You don’t want them to have more than one dose.

CBD for dogs

Final Word

Adopting a pet is perhaps one of the most rewarding opportunities in a lifetime. Both pet parents and their furry friends create a unique family unit. With that new ‘child’ comes great responsibility in teaching him how to mature. The dog’s feelings are so innocent and pure. You have the potential for breaking a beautiful heart and damaging a loving soul with the wrong approach. 

Ensure that you research the right way to work with your canine, how to dole out the treats effectively, and learn what positive reinforcement is and how to use it. The vet’s office is an ideal resource. Don’t miss out on what could be the perfect bonding experience or developing that sense of trust with your pup. Teach your puppy in the most productive way possible.

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