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How to Train Your Dog Using Sound Aversion

I was provided sample. Opinions are my own

We adopted Maya September of 2017. She is a Whoodle (Standard Poodle and Wheaten Terrier) and is incredibly smart. Teaching her tricks like sit, shake and dance were natural for her. The problem with a smart dog is she thinks she can outsmart us. She will purposely ignore us-even turn her head away as if to say “I can’t hear you…”. This is stressful when outside because she will wander and not come back or come inside on our command.

We have tried punishments, treats and she still wants to listen only on her terms. Then we got the Doggie Don’t device and overnight she began to listen and without hesitation. This is how to train your dog using sound aversion and it is working well on Maya and her new sister, Leah.

Click video below to see how Maya will now ‘Come’ on command and I don’t even have to use the sound anymore……

With the Doggie Don’t device it makes a (very) loud sound dog’s do not like. I show it in the video above, but you know the sound a taser makes? It is like that and you can hold down for a long play sound or just tap the button for a short, loud audible and that usually is enough so the neighbors shouldn’t get too annoyed-lol.

The sound gets your dogs attention. Eventually, you should be able to say your commands and not need to use your device. Be consistent to change behaviors. Say your command, use your device properly and reward your dog for good behavior to transform your dog into a well-behaved and socialized pup.

It is important to note that this is not a crutch! You use this to teach voice commands and the goal is to eliminate the device so they respond to your voice and words. For example, if your dog runs through the front door and heads towards the road you may not have the Doggie Don’t readily nearby. You would want your dog to stop instantly as you yell your command or they may keep running toward the road. Never use a device as the only command, but rather as a training tool until training is complete.

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