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How to Teach Your Kids about Money | Best Money Academy

How to Teach Your Kids about Money | Best Money Academy

We have 3 boys ranging in age from 12-28. We have been through first checking accounts to paydays, new cars and unexpected expenses with them. Add in a College tuition and student loans starting soon for one of them and new jobs and taxes and real life happens to a teen real quick. Yet, schools think knowing dates of a foreign war is more important to managing life and finances. I have never wrapped my brain around that logic, but have been very involved with money and lessons for our boys as a parent. I am involved because they won’t get this information at school.

I wish I had Best Money Academy when our oldest boys were kids and teens. He is so spot on and it took me years and costly mistakes to learn these exact lessons myself we passed onto the boys. It is also engaging for them too!

Teenz Money Courses

Anthony is our youngest and 12 years old. He recently sold an older game console to save for a VR headset he wanted. He made that money and was so proud of his purchase. He then sold a handheld game system and games he never used and now had some money to buy games for his new VR headset. But, once he sold that item and put a lot of money in the safe he suddenly became attached to it. He did not want to spend it.

At first I was proud, but I also know that being afraid to spend at all is its own financial burden. It was at that time a few weeks ago that I was introduced to the Best Money Academy programs. Having a 7th grader with new money in his pocket and this is where we should begin, if not already, to talk money! However, it is never too late for their benefit. The Best Money Academy will guide you into how to teach your kids about money.

Kidz Money courses

You have so much within their 3 courses you can choose form:

  • Money A to Z: Ages 3-6
  • KIDZ Money: Ages 7-12
  • TEENZ Money: Ages 13+

Money A to Z is so well done for the younger kids. I wondered how you should talk money to a child, but viewing this course, it makes sense! It is meant for parents or teachers and includes a teaching guide (PDF), children’s book (PDF) and the video links. Kids will learn basics like what money is (coins, shopping topics, etc), earning money (job and chore charts), saving and spending (gifts, borrowing, etc), goals and more.

KIDZ Money is a great next step. Especially as they may soon see money in their hands from gifts, allowances. Also great for parents or teachers and includes a Teaching Guide (PDF), Kids Money Book (PDF) and video lessons. They will learn about creating money plans (paychecks, what unexpected expenses mean), managing a money plan (how to divide your money to save and spend), working together for money goals (as a family), a bit in here for single parents, money mistakes, making saving fun and more.

TEENZ Money is about real expenses and real savings for big things ahead. They will love exploring these topics on their own. More than just money there is a lot in here about confidence to face the real world. It really amazed me how they took a money course and taught things like critical thinking, career planning and confidence. There are 16 courses within this TEENZ Money course. They take important finance topics like banking, shopping smart, college planning, car savings, etc.. and make them their own, engaging lessons. They can get through each of them on their own time.

My son loves the singing (you’ll understand as your child enters a new chapter each course) and the videos are very engaging. Even I have learned a lot as we have started diving into some of these topics. KIDZ Money and TEENZ Money meet all Jump$tart National Standards, and meet (exceed) the standards in all 50 states. When you buy the courses the workbooks and sheets are included!

Get started today! Decide which course is best for your children: Money A to Z , KIDZ Money or TEENZ Money. Hurry – there is a big discount right now!

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