How to Style Emerald and Diamond Vintage Rings and More

Vintage Rings and More

Vintage rings are a great way to accessorize a vintage wardrobe. They are striking, but don’t have to be overwhelming. There are a few simple styling tips to keep in mind, especially if you’re trying to pair them with multiple items. 

Antique-style engagement rings

To choose an antique-style engagement ring, you must first determine the era and style you are after. If your proposal will be a surprise, you may want to check with friends and family members for suggestions. You can also browse Pinterest (Click here) and Instagram for ideas. Just make sure you check the antique-style engagement ring for damages and damage before buying.

Antique-style engagement rings are extremely popular today. Their timeless design will never go out of style. If you want to give your engagement ring a vintage look, choose one with an antique-style setting, as well as a vintage-inspired band.

Antique-style engagement rings can be anything from a delicate Edwardian-era floral ring to a vintage-style aquamarine engagement ring. The designs on antique-style engagement rings are often the result of expert jewelers utilizing original Victorian patterns. If you’re planning to propose, remember that the perfect antique engagement ring can be a treasured piece of jewelry for your bride-to-be.

Antique-style engagement rings are perfect for the vintage lover who wants to stand out from the crowd. The vintage era that inspired these rings is full of glamor and sophistication. 

Art Deco era rings

The Art Deco era was filled with a new found freedom and excitement, and with extravagant parties, smoky jazz clubs, and sparkling dresses. During this time, jewelry was also undergoing a major transformation. Platinum, white gold, and sterling silver were the most popular metals for Art Deco rings. Click here for more information about the rare element platinum.

Art Deco engagement rings are typically big, and feature a large diamond in the center. Halo and three-stone rings were also popular, offering a more expansive look than a solitaire setting. Platinum was a popular metal during this period, and they are still a great choice for the modern woman’s ring.

Art Deco era rings also feature bold, geometric shapes. They showcase the stone and capture the modern spirit of the time. Some of the most famous engagement rings featured diamonds set in octagonal settings. Others were stacked or shaped like diamond halos.

Colorful gemstones are often a feature of Art Deco engagement rings. They can be used as accent side stones or as halos in a ring, so that they pop out from the finger. The contrast between the diamond and the colorful stone is breathtaking. 

Alternatively, you could use a colorful gemstone as the center stone. Historically, the most sought after gemstones were rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. These vintage emerald rings are striking and unique. However, many Art Deco creators went beyond the precious gemstones and started to incorporate non-precious gems.

If you are considering purchasing an Art Deco era ring, the first step is to select a metal. Since platinum is expensive and rare, you can use white gold instead. White gold is also lighter and can be purchased at affordable prices.

Victorian-style engagement bands

If you’re getting engaged, you might want to consider a Victorian-style engagement ring. These designs feature a diamond with a heart-shaped setting. They were popular in the Victorian era, and they represent the union of two lives. 

If you’re looking to purchase an engagement ring with this style, you should keep in mind the four Cs of diamond quality, including color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

Victorian-style engagement bands can be made from a variety of metals. Yellow gold is a common choice, and many Victorian-style bands feature hand-cut diamonds. Diamonds with this style may be smaller than modern diamonds, but they can still be quite beautiful. Victorian engagement bands also tend to feature nature-inspired designs.

Victorians loved horticulture and cultivated exotic plants. As a result, they thought that certain flowers had special meanings. 

Tulips, for example, were symbols of passion, while bluebells represented kindness. The myrtle was associated with marriage and good luck. Red roses, on the other hand, were a symbol of love. Violets are a symbol of deep emotions.

There are many types of Victorian-style engagement bands, with each one having its own unique style. Some features of Victorian-style bands include halo settings, oval cut diamonds, and scrolling bands. However, the style of a Victorian-style engagement ring is ultimately dependent on personal preference. Victorian-style engagement bands are a wonderful choice for brides who want a unique piece of jewelry that is timeless and elegant.

The Victorian era was a time of innovation. As a result, jewelry became more affordable for the middle class. The discovery of diamonds in South Africa also made diamond engagement bands affordable to the common people. Victorian-style engagement bands also feature intricate designs, such as heart-shaped gems or serpents. They may also feature ancient-style cut diamonds, such as those used in old mines.

Victorian-style cocktail bands

When it comes to wearing a cocktail ring, there are many ways to make it work for you. For example, you can try a multi-toned Victorian-style ring with rhinestones on the outer band and a single large stone in the center. These bands are usually large and pronounced, and are designed to be easily noticeable on the finger. Some of them have even been fashioned to fit three or four fingers, and have become a trend in recent years.

If you want a more delicate and understated ring, choose one with smaller stones. A single diamond is not very impressive when compared to a cluster of diamonds. 

If you’re buying vintage or antique cocktail bands, you must know their history. You’ll have to check whether they are original or fake. A fake ring will not be authentic and may have been made with artificial coloured stones. It’s best to buy vintage jewelry from a trusted dealer or auction house. Always be sure to ask for advice from industry experts.

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