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How to relieve stress and anxiety with Calm Strips

How to relieve stress and anxiety with Calm Strips

This school year is chaotic. Really, it is what we make it so to make it a positive experience for our kids we have to wear our positivity hats in front of them. We all can save our complaining for our adult friends and the school. Even on a normal schedule without a global virus, a new school year brings stress and anxiety for many kids. To help relieve stress you can get your learning space set up with Calm Strips.

Calm Strips

Calm Strips are sensory adhesives you can stick to multiple surfaces from notebooks and pencil boxes if they are in the classroom or laptops, desks, books if distance learning. If your kids are not used to ZOOM then logging on virtually with peers can actually be a scary, awkward new task. I have them on our laptops for our son if he feels those nerves act up as he logs on and has to virtually meet new peers. If he needs to relieve stress they are nearby for him.

Relieve Stress & Fidgeting

By grounding you in a calming scene and giving you a gentle, but textured, surface as a stimulus these strips are sure to help you or your child through this new normal. Even if your child seems to handle the stress of a new school year well, perhaps they need help to soothe fidgeting. Calm Strips are not only great to relieve stress, but help with fidgeting as well by giving them a mild distraction and busy task with their fingers.

starry strips

The materials are rated to stand up to the elements, including water and sanitizing, for up to 4 years. Add them to devices, furniture, supplies and even use them with jewelry making so Calm Strips can be worn. To be proactive with you or your child’s anxiety or stress, visit Calm Strips and order today.

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