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How to Entertain Toddlers – A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

There are hundreds of things that you can provide to entertain toddlers in your care. But as a busy parent, you will fall short of ideas!

It happened with me. Time will fly and your toddler will quickly grow before you know. So, you need to provide a constructive set of entertainment sources that will help their mental development as well as physical fitness.

I talked with many parents about the sort of activities that they do to amuse their children. And.. believe me there is a lot of scope for creativity and idea generation here.

I got 10 entertainment ideas for toddlers and they are simple and inexpensive to pursue.

1. Books and Colors— Learn While Having Fun

Start with simple board books filled with colors and cartoons. You can guide them through the story and explain what’s going on.

For better engagement, a sketch book will work great. Just give your toddlers some nontoxic markers and let him fill in the colors. Don’t worry if it gets messy. 

2. Introduce Them to Water Sports

Water games are most toddler’s favorite. There is something about water that toddlers find fascinating.

As a kid, my parents used to put me in a large plastic pool with all sorts of plastic toys. Among all the fun experiences I had in my childhood, this one was the most memorable.

You can also buy a sprinkler toy and your kid’s summer will be the best he will ever experience. 

3. Take to the Beach or Make a Sandbox

Like water, sand is also a fun element. The patterns that your children can make on it fascinates them. Have a beach nearby? Take him there and encourage him to make shapes and different objects with sand.

Alternatively, you can make a sandbox from plastic and leave it in the backyard. The evening will become super enjoyable.

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

4. Break Toys and Fix Them

Breaking toys were my kid’s favorite activity. Though I don’t encourage it, kids are often curious about what’s inside their toys.

So, set aside some old or already broken toys and let them break and play. You can also encourage them to fix the toy after breaking with simple tools and drivers. Just make sure to supervise.

5. Give a Ride on a Wagon

Wagons have been a great toddler entertainment gear for generations. The feeling of riding on their own vehicle with wheels makes them excited.

Get a push wagon for toddlers that will add a different level of fun into your family. My kids used to go crazy when they knew it was time for a wagon ride. 

6. Help Them to Climb

Before your child learns to walk, he will learn to crawl and climb. It’s a natural urge and you should make ways for them to climb, instead of suppressing it.

The local park can be suitable place for climbing with lots of blocks. You can also create stairs from wooden stuff inside your home. Just make sure to cover it with soft material. 

Or… You can build some like this at home:

7. Let Them Make Their Own World Inside a Tent

You can get a nice cozy tent for your toddler. My kids spent most of their time inside their little tent. A lamp, toys and some pillows and you can’t believe how much your kid is going to appreciate this. It will become his own small private space that will make him feel like an individual. 

8. Play Simple Games That Stimulates Them

Play games with your toddler. It can be anything— hide & seek, solving puzzles, racing with them, etc. Doing so will stimulate your baby’s mind and also keep him physically active. The relationship between you and the child will also become stronger.

9. Sing Songs Together

Try singing nursery rhymes like “Hush little baby,” and “rock a bye baby” to your little one. Sometimes it can help him to calm down. And before you know it, he will be singing with you one day. As a mother, this was my favorite activity and probably most mother’s.

10. Go on a Field Trip

Even if you are super busy, make a routine and go on field trips with your child. It will change their mood and expose them to new stimuli.

You can visit the nearby park, zoo, museum, pet stores and amusement parks. If you can’t go on field trips often, make sure he gets enough stuff at home to keep him busy. 

Final Words…

These ideas will give you a head start and you can get creative and find more ways to entertain your kids. The more diversified experience your kids have in their childhood, the faster they will cope up with the environment. Whatever they do, make sure there is someone there to keep an eye on them.

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