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How To Eat Well On Your Family Camping Trip

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Eating well can feel like a full-time job when you have children. This is especially true during a family camping trip. As a parent, you’re constantly worrying about how much nutritious food your children are consuming. Do they get enough vitamins? Are they eating enough vegetables? How much protein are they getting? These are all commonly asked questions. Don’t let these camping essentials ruin your trip. Read on to discover how to eat well while on an adventurous camping trip. 

Write A List Of Meals

Kickstart a healthy meal plan for camping by making a list. This way, you will have a list to stick to over a three day period or longer. To write a list, begin by creating separate categories for the different food groups. Such groups include protein, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, healthy fats and oils, and any necessary spices. Allow your kids to add one item each to the list. It is a fun camping trip, after all. Following your list will ensure that what you bring on your adventurous camping trip is nourishing. 

Bring The Right Tools

Once you have your list, you will need to gather necessary tools to eat well while camping. Frequent campers should consider purchasing heavy duty cooking tools. If this is your first family camping trip and you’re trying to feel it out, cooking over the fire could be a fun way to go. However, if you are looking for a way to get the kids involved in a safer way, you could invest in a camping stove. Of course, you will need a cooler to keep your perishable items cold. On top of that, pack any cooking utensils, silverware, and/or pots and pans you may need. Bring the right cooking tools to ensure that you stick to eating well while on an adventurous camping trip.

Prep Your Meals

Meal prep to guarantee that you and your family will eat healthy food. After a long day of hiking, your kids are going to be hungry. They are going to want food in their tummies just about as quickly as you will. Prepared meals will avoid any snacking from taking place. By prepping, you can plan when to have ready to eat meals or cook everything from scratch. For those of you who are trying to watch your weight, this give you total control over your calorie intake and portions. Well prepped meals will also keep the whole family happy after a long day of exercise. Prep your meals ahead of time to maintain a clean eating diet during your trip. 

Pack Smart Snacks

Although meal prepping is an effective way of reducing snacking right before meals, you will need snacks for when you’re out and about. Sometimes, you can’t control when the kids get hungry. You might be hiking on top of a mountain or canoeing in the middle of a lake. Don’t let your kids’ hunger, or your own, force you to cut your adventures short. Pack smart snacks in your hiking backpacks. There are many snacks to take camping. You can carry a few apples, crackers or nuts. Of course, you stash a few granola bars in your pack as well. When someone gets hungry, they’ll be all over whatever you packed. Similar to the effects of meal prepping, having smart snacks ensure healthy eating.

Buy Non-Perishable Foods

Don’t underestimate the power of non-perishable foods on a family camping trip. As a parent, you should always prepare for the worst. One way to do this while camping is to be prepared if your cooler proves to be less reliable than you thought. Bring healthy, non-perishable foods in case your perishable items start going bad. Grab some dehydrated fruit and trail mix. If you want to stick to the essentials, you can bring peanut butter, dried noodles and other dehydrated foods. While non-perishable foods might not seem like the most appetizing meal, you can still eat well if something goes wrong during your camping trip.

These trips are meant to be fun and exciting, but also a great way to get active as a family. Don’t let an unhealth diet ruin all your exercise and activities. Ensure that you can eat well by writing a grocery list and sticking to it. Bring the appropriate cooking tools. Meal prep before leaving so you know what to expect each day. To bridge the gaps, pack smart snacks for on-the-go eating. Lastly, purchase non-perishable foods that are also healthy. Following these steps, you can eat well on an adventurous camping trip.

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