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How to Eat Healthier and Cheaper at Work

How to Eat Healthier and Cheaper at Work
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Many people have goals of eating differently at work. Sometimes, they wish to eat healthier. Other times, they are working to save money. Regardless of the reason, they want to stop hitting the drive-thru.

However, when you’re at work and lunchtime is finally on the horizon, you’re starving and just want something tasty to eat. Even if you packed a nice, healthy sandwich and salad, you might be tempted to forego it in favor of a thick, juicy burger.

The good news is that you can eat delicious food at work without spoiling your diet, your health, or your budget. Take a look at the following tips to get started.

Find Some Inspiration

A thick turkey sandwich can be absolutely delicious, but not if you have to eat it every single day. If you’re going to brown-bag your lunch, it’s important to find some new foods that you’ll love.

Start by looking up tasty lunch recipes. You can find some easy recipes for things like Taco Salad in a Jar, Muffin Tin Lasagna, Quesadillas, Tuna Melts, and much more.

Make a Plan

After you’ve found some recipes you want to try, make a menu for your workweek. Then, make a grocery list so you can be sure you have all of your ingredients on hand.

If you have children, you might want to pick up some extra ingredients. You could make enough of your new favorite recipes to send with them to school, making your school mornings a little easier.

Also, be sure while you’re at the store to pick up any storage bags, bowls, and utensils you might need. The more you have on hand, the easier this task will be.

Take Time to Prepare

Here is the part that can make or break your lunch menu: preparation. It’s easier to start this over the weekend or on other days off if you work on weekends.

Take out your menu and recipes. Spend some time cooking any meat, storing it, and freezing it. Also, chop up any vegetables, mix up dry ingredients, roll out any dough – anything you can prepare ahead of time is best handled during your off time.

The night before work, check your menu again. Take out any prepared ingredients and put everything together in your lunch bag. Store what needs to stay cold in the refrigerator and leave other items lying neatly on the counter. In the morning, you’ll simply need to grab it all and walk out the door.

Another good tip is to invest in a slow cooker if you don’t have one. There are many soups and other dishes that you can set to cook all day or overnight. This is great for nice, healthy lunches, but you can use it for dinner, too. Imagine throwing one meal into the slow cooker, feeding your family that night, and taking the rest for lunch the next day. This is a great way to simplify an entire day of eating.

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