How to Choose Yoga Clothes?

How to Choose Yoga Clothes?

Have you recently signed up for yoga classes? If so, purchasing a mat isn’t the only thing you’d be required to do before attending your first class. 

For the best comfort, aspiring yogis are supposed to invest in proper yoga apparel, including leggings, shorts, tops, sports bras, and cardigans. These garments should be made from flexible fabrics like spandex, polyester, and nylon. The ultimate choice of garments depends on the personal style of yogis and their comfort preferences. 

We hope the tips below assist you in how to choose yoga clothes.

Select the right clothing pieces

When shopping for yoga apparel, start by selecting the right pieces of clothing in order to feel comfortable when doing all sorts of poses. Needless to say, yoga pants are the most favorite garment, available in different fits and lengths. Regardless of the length you opt for, the fabric is supposed to be comfy, flexible, and most importantly breathable. It’s paramount for the leggings not to restrain your movements while changing postures. 

Since practising this discipline involves lots of stretching and bending, some women are worried about coverage. In order to focus on the poses, not on the potential uncovered body parts, make sure you choose leggings with a high waist. These aren’t likely to slip even when doing challenging poses or making fast movements. See this page to learn why high-waisted leggings are here to stay.

Moreover, some women prefer loose pants when practising yoga. These are an ideal choice for slow classes like yin, Hatha, or restorative yoga. In contrast, you’d need tight leggings for dynamic styles, such as vinyasa, ashtanga, and prana. Otherwise, your mobility would be affected in a negative manner.

Yoga shorts, on the other hand, are preferred by both male and female yogis. The models made for men come with liners in order to prevent discomfort when doing bendy poses. Men feeling uncomfortable wearing traditional shorts can choose knee-length shorts for better coverage. Conversely, women aren’t much impressed by yoga shorts due to the habit of riding up while exercising. 

Nevertheless, individuals attending hot yoga classes consider shorts more comfy in comparison with leggings. Given the extreme heat and sweat involved in these classes, it’s no wonder yogis prefer wearing cosy bottoms. Anyhow, when shopping for shorts, make sure the pair you choose isn’t see-through. 

In terms of tops, the majority of yogis are comfortable wearing tank tops. When shopping for women’s yoga wear, look for comfortable short-sleeve tees. It’s vital for the tops to be of narrow fit in order for them not to move too much while doing various poses. Women are strongly advised to purchase tops covering everything so as to avoid distraction during practise. Otherwise, you will be pulling the T-shirt all the time, hence losing your focus.

Regarding the material, make sure the tees you purchase are made from soft, moisture-wicking fabrics, allowing the skin to breathe. Avoid itchy fabrics and remove the tags before wearing the top in class. Women are recommended to purchase tops with built-in bras in order not to waste time looking for the right sports bra. 

In contrast, some women decide to wear nothing but a sports bra when practising yoga, especially in the course of high-intensity classes. Size and support are the essential factors worth considering when choosing a sports bra. Keep in mind that bras with high support are considered indispensable when attending vigorous classes. 

Ultimately, yoga jackets or cardigans are preferred by many yogis during winter. These provide the necessary protection when leaving a hot room and coming face-to-face with the cold air outside. 

Choose the best fabrics

After making your choice of yoga apparel, make sure the garments you buy are made from the right fabrics. The materials are expected to provide the required comfort, flexibility, and breathability, essential for practising various poses. Stay away from uncomfortable garments whose waistbands are overly tight or whose fabric is too itchy. 

Furthermore, yogis practicing high-intensity styles need to choose fabrics made from moisture-wicking fabrics in order not to feel extremely hot. Hence, yoga wear made with blends of spandex, nylon, and polyester is considered the best for venting. Conversely, cotton is the worst possible choice due to its ability to retain moisture and make you feel sweaty.  Follow this link, here, to learn about the history, manufacturing process, and quality of spandex. 

Moreover, spandex is an essential fabric in such apparel owing to the elasticity it provides. The leggings or shorts you purchase are supposed to have a minimum of fifteen percent spandex so as not to restrict your movements. 

Don’t forget to read the washing instructions

The washing instructions are crucial to respect when wearing yoga apparel. Make sure to check the tags in order to provide proper care for the garments. Most garments are supposed to be turned inside out, washed in cold water, and not dried in a clothes dryer. Bear in mind that drying this apparel in a dryer is considered damaging for the lifespan of the clothes 

Additionally, garments in bright colours should be washed separately in order to prevent dye stains on other clothes. This apparel is best washed separately from cotton garments to impede cotton fibres from clinging to synthetic fabrics. 

Final word

The apparel you buy should be comfy, nice-looking, flexible, and moisture-wicking. 

Choose the right size and colors that fit your style!

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