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Home Chef Meal Delivery

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There are several well-known meal prep delivery brands out there and I decided to give Home Chef a try. I wanted to try Home Chef because they are established and have the home meal plan down to a science. Home Chef delivered over 1 million meals in 2015 and they have 300 employees. They are sustainable in the shipping and storage of products they send and the entire plan is fully customizable.

It was best to show you in video so you can hear my thoughts and see what you can expect with your shipments. I will tell you that each meal I mention in the video actually serves 2 people. I was sent the Italian Sausage Stromboli and Flank Steak and Sweet Potato Fries. They are so easy to make with step-by-step illustrated instructions.

You fill out a taste profile that you can always change and update. Tell them some diet desires and then go find the delivery date and accept the number of meals with the number of servings you need. The menus change each week and you can look ahead 4-5 weeks and see the menus of what is likely to be sent. Then as you place your delivery you will be told what is coming and if you need to change your menu, you can.

IMG_8769 IMG_8770

Visit and browse these amazing menus. They are simple to make and you can impress your family with fresh meats, veggies and herbs in creations you made! It will help you learn and gain confidence in the kitchen.

It will also help you on those days you are busy and lack creativity but need a healthy meal. You are sent everything but the pots and pans needed and there is no thinking required. Just pull out the bags and follow instructions. You can gift meals too. Start today!

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