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His Only Son film about the controversial account of Abraham and Isaac

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His Only Son film about the controversial account of Abraham and Isaac

His Only Son is a must see film about the controversial account of Abraham and Isaac. As Abraham and Isaac make the long journey to Moriah as the Lord has commanded, Abraham recounts, in memories, his encounters with the lord and the story of him and Sarah and, ultimately, Isaac. Isaac is unaware that he is the sacrifice from his Father on this journey-only that Abraham is fulfilling God’s wish.

As Isaac finally learns that his Father must make the ultimate sacrifice, Abraham believes God’s will even though he is unsure of the why. Is it Isaac’s will to die? Does God have a final message to Abraham? How far Abraham goes to show he does not fear God may spare Isaac after all. His Only Son is the story of Abraham and Issac simply told as we believe to know it. God gives his blessings to those with strong faith.

This film is about faith, the love of a parent and sacrifice. Buy tickets today to see HIS ONLY SON in theaters March 31st through Angel Studios.

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I had not heard of this movie. What inspires me to see this movie is that it is faith based.


I’ve only recently heard about this movie. I would like to see it.
Thank you!

Terri Quick

I’ve never heard of this movie before


Haven’t heard of it. Inspired by family


I hadn’t heard about it before now! It’s exactly the kind of movie I like to watch with my family.

Tammy Pereira

I have not heard of this movie, but I am a Christian woman who does enjoys movies and would like to watch it!

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